Vaporwave Review: Food Court 無線接続 by Donald McRonald

Thursday, March 19th, 2020 by Creator of Agora Road

Food Court 無線接続 by Donald McRonald

Hello everyone! Today we are going to take a look at Food Court 無線接続 by Donald McRonald which was released February 26, 2020. Ahhhh Mc Donalds a staple in the American diet with over billions of hamburgers served and 37,855 restaurants operating globally it is a no brainer to make an album about this company.

The cover art features the iconic clown that haunts our nightmare but satisfies our hunger. This album is more or a late night lo-fi/mallsoft album than a vaporwave album but nevertheless i’m reviewing it because I can and I want to. Now let’s get started!

Fast Food サービス from Food Court 無線接続 by Donald McRonald (vaporwave)
The first song Fast Food サービス just feels like the first bite of the scrumptious, delicious Big Mac. You feel the 1000 Island sauce hit your taste buds satisfying your most basic primal desires. You sit alone with your meal under those golden arches, and as a true connoisseur of the American cuisine. You know in your heart that you are experiencing art in its purest form. The form of a burger.

Would You Like Fries With That! from Food Court 無線接続 by Donald McRonald (vaporwave)
Would You Like Fries With That! comes in second into the album, it is a little longer than the first and it seems to feature a flute of some kind. Anyway, you move on from that big mac to those golden salted french fries. You enhance the flavor by adding a little bit of ketchup and if your adventurous, You dip those bad bois in your milkshake “cajun style”.

バリューメニュー! from Food Court 無線接続 by Donald McRonald (vaporwave)
Oh shit! well would you look at that! It’s Ronald McDonald himself and he want to take you on a journey in to an uncharted land of flowers and butterflies away from that mean ole’ Hamburglar.  バリューメニュー!has an upbeat lofi tune to it and it incorpates some inteleigible sample in it which is too blurred to undertsant, it may have be sampled from a commercial but i’m not sure.

Fountain センターピース from Food Court 無線接続 by Donald McRonald (vaporwave)
Okay so now you’re back from that dumpster you followed that homeless man(who you though was Ronald McDonald) into. You think to yourself that the teen from the cookline must of spiked your meal with DMT or something but you don’t care. You are in paradise, the moods come and goes as you please but you know one thing forsure is that you are back at again eating that delicious meal. You are willing to take the risk of getting drugged again and you welcome it with open arms.

Please Recycle! from Food Court 無線接続 by Donald McRonald (vaporwave)
Your meal is now over and you are off back to your wife, back to your home, back to your kids, and back to your life. Please Recycle! Marks the end to our short little story, it tells the story of a man enjoying his meal of the greatest American export the country has to offer, the tremendous McDonald’s Fast Food meal. It is a nice Late night Lofi album and would be a joy to listen to it again whenever i’m eating at McDonald’s.

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