Vaporwave Review: BH​-​007 1​-​800​-​Business Class by E L I T E P L E A S U R E S

Wednesday, March 18th, 2020 by Creator of Agora Road

BH​-​007 1​-​800​-​Business Class by E L I T E P L E A S U R E S

Hello everyone! Today I’m going to review “BH​-​007 1​-​800​-​Business Class by E L I T E P L E A S U R E S” which was released March 6, 2020. This album features Bass Houses’ latest album (at the time of writing this) a corporate style vaporwave album complete with an album cover viewing skyscrapers and businessmen mashed into one.

I love this album so much that I have it on my Youtube Channel, but without wasting too much time, lets get started with the review!

Lie Awake from BH​-​007 1​-​800​-​Business Class by E L I T E P L E A S U R E S (vaporwave)

Now to start off with Lie Awake, this is the first song of the album which  starts off as a dreamy gaze and makes me feel like i’m gonna go on a trip to corporate dreamland. Now what touches me about the song is that this song features a repeating lyric “There’s nothing for us to find, just lie awake”. Since we are in the headspace of corporate America, one must think what cant he find? a Wife? a husband? profit? a life with meaning? the success he desires? The modern businessman has been so far consumed with working to achieve the success that he was told his whole life to pursue that he has abandoned what really matters most in life, other people.

It is a lonely life to live in a 9-5 drone like state in everyday corporate life until you hit 40 and realize that your life as been nothing but a total failure. So you Lie Awake in your midlife crisis knowing that you are hopeless in finally having a family, having friends and most of all having that success you most desired for so long, as it all has been a sham.

Business Class from BH​-​007 1​-​800​-​Business Class by E L I T E P L E A S U R E S (vaporwave)

Business Class is a totally completely different tone from the previous song. Sure it still has that dreamlike style to it; however, I really don’t give a fuck about other people. I’m too busy making PROFIT. I’m in my high rise corner office makin’ all the deals right now making the big bucks! This makes me love getting high off of my own success. This is all I live for and life is GOOD. I even have my own secretary and an unpaid intern HAHAHA! This song is really upbeat and probably my favorite song in the album.

Michael Alone from BH​-​007 1​-​800​-​Business Class by E L I T E P L E A S U R E S (vaporwave)

Michael Alone is a pretty synthesizer intense album and for some reason this reminds me of Donkey Kong Country theme song. It’s the flute sound that triggers it. I would say this had a more even vide that the previous 2 tracks in this album. I can’t really make a scenario because DOnkey Kong is stuck in my mind but this is a BANGER.

401K​$​$​$ from BH​-​007 1​-​800​-​Business Class by E L I T E P L E A S U R E S (vaporwave)

401K$$ is a glitchy and masterfully digital treat. This makes me feel contempt with my life and I think i’ll go back to work tomorrow I know my place in life and I’ll just wait to cash in that 401K AFTER RETIREMENT. Who knows maybe I’ll live at a beach somewhere and live the rest on my days in a dreamy suburb sipping on margaritas.


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