Vaporwave Album Review: VAPORDISCO – THE ALBUM by Peter Zimmermann

Friday, December 20th, 2019 by Creator of Agora Road

Hello everybody, today i’m going to review VAPORDISCO – THE ALBUM by Peter Zimmermann which was released on December 3rd 2019. This is a vaporfunk album that features Peter Zimmermann’s greatest disco tunes and samples from other artists like New Romantique, Laban, Stacey Q, and Quintus Project in true vaporwave fashion! The album artwork was done by Riccardo Sabatini and PUNKSY and it the Who’s Who ‎– Palace Palace / Roll Jacky Roll album cover but stylized in color stencil and vaporwave japaneese lettering of course. and it oozes back alley desert disco. It is an amazing album cover.

Now lets get started to the review!

T O U C H from VAPORDISCO – THE ALBUM by Peter Zimmermann (vaporwave)

A good start for the intro to the album you can really hear it building up the momentum in the rhythm were it starts off. I could definitely see this playing in a night club but as a matter of fact this song reminds me so scarface. It has a night life feeling to it I can picture Tony Montana looking up at the “World is Yours” blip in the gleaming night sky. It brings out a lot of different scenarios in my head such as the grooves being danced to in the Pole Position club in Vice CIty. My only caveat is that It ended too soon but that is forgiven because we have another gem up next!

I NEED YOU from VAPORDISCO – THE ALBUM by Peter Zimmermann (vaporwave)

I NEED YOU is a faster paced vapordisco song was is was transformed way better than the original. Throughout the song it repeats the rthymic mantra of those three words I NEED YOU, it represent that heart and soul of vapordisco dance. You need to hear it beyond of what you can imagine of what a dancefloor is suppose to be like because whatever you are thinking it is the total opposite. This song as completely transformed into the modern cyberfunk era of our time.

I N H A L E from VAPORDISCO – THE ALBUM by Peter Zimmermann (vaporwave)

Now we have another banger that transformed the original song into something that is actually good! Sure the fisrt five seconds sounds the same but Peter has made it into something of his own. It sure has a happy tune to give you all of those good feelings.

JENNA from VAPORDISCO – THE ALBUM by Peter Zimmermann (vaporwave)

JENNA took a different turn from the previous songs in the album. Now dont get me wrong it is still a vapordisco track but for those of you that like a slower downtempo track into the mix then JENNA is the right song for you my friend. I feel like I would be in the back office of a pizza joint alone trying to find myself during the process of a vision quest. I know its weird but i’m getting those kind of vibes.

VAPORBOI from VAPORDISCO – THE ALBUM by Peter Zimmermann (vaporwave)

VAORBOI feels like my boi would be named Jenkins and we would both be solving crimes as detectives in the great city of Miami! Back to work I go driving my countach trying catch some cuban coke dealers but I dont play by the rules. The DA have been on my ass for the past week about these guys but in order to catch these guys I’m gonna have to keep this off the books. I might get fired but it’s in my blood and my partner Jenkins is just as dedicated as I am.

NightGirl (Bandcamp Digital Bonus) from VAPORDISCO – THE ALBUM by Peter Zimmermann (vaporwave)

Oooooo the bonus track sounds like we are in a japanese street fighting game. Now we are talking it has whipping sound effects to give the illusion of a street fight and has its roots embed in new retrowave. There is not much else to really here but you’ll just have to listen. This is the end of my review! I hope you enjoyed it!

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  1. Cassettes coming soon to Adeptus Minor!
    This album is sickkkkk! Keep an eye out!

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