YouTube Kids: ElsaGate & Learned Helplessness

Monday, February 11th, 2019 by Illuminati Pirate

Kid YouTube is truly the weirdest part of YouTube.

If any of you have a baby sibling, nephew, etc., or kids yourself, you’ll know that YouTube is full of videos that basically rip content from Disney/Peppa Pig/etc. shows and create weird, Garry’s Mod-esque videos that are nonsensical and mildly disturbing. There are literally millions of videos like these, seemingly created and commented on primarily like bots, but also watched by millions of children. Sometimes they have seriously inappropriate content seemingly generated accidentally by these algorithms. [Embed]

So far it just seems par for the course on the internet. But it goes beyond that. There are videos where adults and children re-enact nonsensical, even disturbing situations that seem so random that they can only have been generated by algorithms. I don’t understand how these channels can exist and be so successful. They often have professional production values, not to mention human actors. [Embed] [Embed] [Embed] the trauma inflicted on these children connected with the pedophilia or satanic ritual stuff?

Yes. Trauma based mind control goes back very far. Satanism in general is the rejection of moral order and indulgence in passion. In practice satanic rings do things like rape kids, cannibalism, kill people. But trauma is specifically a goal.

You see when the bonded caretaker of a child inflicts severe emotion shattering trauma, like raping or cutting up their toy bear in front of their eyes, with all the practiced sadism of a practised satanist, then the child’s mind can not cope without fracturing. Multiple personalities make it possible to cope (see kim noble). These personalities are supposedly programmable, but I don’t know to what extend.

This is just speculation, but I think circumcision is a form of trauma mind control too. There are instances of satanic torture groups going back millennia.

This is even more horrible than what you can  imagine, I know why they make elsagate videos. If you watch them too you will understand. I don’t recommend doing so so let me explain so you don’t have to subject yourself to that.
I have watched some elsagate videos and there is an obvious pattern.

“So we got a new reason for the creepy videos i was posting earlier. The end goal of whoever is making these is to hurt kids in a way where they cannot learn from an early age. They break the way kids learn, and thus make it easier to make them do anything in the future. Its called Learned Helplessness. Here’s a quick rundown:

The experiment was three groups of dogs. They’re all on a leash. Group one is just on a leash. Nothing happens. Group two is shocked at random but given a pedal to stop the shock. Group three is on a leash and shocked at random but their pedal does nothing. Group 2s pedal also controls group 3s shocks. So to group three Punishment is completely random and unstoppable as far as the being is aware. That’s the first step. Bear with me…

Part two places all the dogs into a room with two levels. The level the dogs are placed on issues electric shocks. Dogs from groups one and two both instantly move to avoid a shock. Dogs from group three just lay down and cry. There is no way to move them. They can’t even comprehend that they can end their own suffering by action.

Now watch bad baby videos. This is not bad production. The voice over is not saying 3 is 4 by mistake. That is so the baby can never learn. Can never be right. The Punishment of the spider is random.

It’s not as extreme as shocking a child. But it’s as close as you can get. You make an primal fear as the spider. And the baby screaming at the Punishment. This is Learned Helplessness programming.

It’s breaking the brain. Bear in mind these bad baby videos are to learn colors and numbers. So under 2 years old will be subject to this.

Below are screenshots of the horrible nature of YOUTube Kids and some infographics from 4chan

Here is a link to many more pics of evidence of this

Click To Enlarge

Demon Haunted World

We must act. Young parents leave their children alone with iPads everyday.
These children will grow up to be monsters.
Their ultimate goal is to normalize sexual encounters of a pedophile nature.

It’s coming, this ‘age of progress’, it’s not going to be your kids but it will be your grandkids. Because their parents will be the generation exposed to this type of programming, who grew up with hypersexualization and impulsive behaviors normalized from a very young age, thanks to having free roam of everything online 24/7 and growing up with it.

From tumblr blogs to naked snap chats, they are normalizing these interactions between various age gaps.

I’m 22 and can count of at least 20 girls in my high school that had fetish blogs and webcams on tumblr dedicated to them being ‘free’ and ‘themselves’, all under the age of 16.

It’s very much an open secret, especially on that site, that a ton of underage kids have very ‘revealing’ blogs, you can go over there and search any terms or subjects and they just pop up on the front page. As long as you do not officially state your age, they are off the legal hook.

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