Baby Monkey Hate Community on Youtube Exposed! (#MonkeyGate)

Wednesday, March 27th, 2019 by Illuminati Pirate

(NSFW) #MonkeyGate: Baby Monkey Torture Hate Community on Youtube Exposed!


There exists some sort of baby monkey torture community on youtube
*Large quantities of playlists dedicated to their misery, hundreds of videos of monkeys (baby monkeys specifically) having a bad time
*LITTERED with comments of people expressing hatred and sometimes engaging in very elaborate torture fantasies, all highly upvoted
*Even weirder than the amount of comments is their language and the sheer excessiveness of the torture fantasies
*No they are not just random foreigners, most of them are Americans

Research of the comments show the following patterns:

Baby Monkey Focus
While they seem to hate monkeys in general, the phenomenon seems oddly specific about baby monkeys. Occasionally they even cheer on adult monkeys if they get rough with the babies.
A psychopathic sadism pervasive throughout all monkey hater comments
The commenters dont feel like they have anything to hide and dont feel guilty. They are likely aware they are not alone in their hate and will get upvoted for what they say.
Things that trigger them about baby monkeys appear to be their screeches, appearance and the perception that they are “spoiled” and “misbehaving”
Many of these people have been shown to comment frequently and their view history suggests that they’ve been viewing monkey videos for years. They think about it all the time.
Their reasoning for hatred can be either dismissing(“it’s normal/natural to hate them), excusing
(“they are mean and evil pests who destroy things”)or admitting they do not know why they hate them. Its likely the former are just excuses and they truly do not know. The monkey hate appears to be like a phobia, something they just ‘have’ for unknown reasons. Some of them suggest that the “uncanney valley” effect is the cause.
There are several unanswered questions about this community. How do they interact? How do they organize?
Specifically, its odd that this community has no traces outside of Youtube. There are no significant public monkey hate forums or facebook groups. Its as if they only exist on Youtube. But surely they are aware of each other as a “community”.
In particular, the following questions need investigation:
Why do so many commenters have a consistent pattern of:
American-sounding full name, default Youtube avatar, and good English skills? Are they sock puppets?
I just find it so weird that these monkey haters have like no self-awareness of how psychotic they look. Commenting with their real names and profile pics too. Like, they really convinced themselves these monkeys are pure evil and that they are totally justified in posting about them the way they do. That’s why they also angrily lash out whenever someone calls them psycho.
I mean it’s possible to indulge in these feelings while the rational part of your brain still knows it’s wrong. But these people have also convinced themselves of their hate on a rational level.
Trying to think about this from an evolutionary biological perspective there are species of primates where, when a new male takes over the tribe, he will kill all the children of the previous alpha male. That monkey probably isnt consciously thinking “i should kill these babies so my own offspring have a better chance” but rather he just has a compulsion to murder the babies which in turn gives his offspring a better chance.
The females of these groups have been shown to have their bodies greatly increase the likelihood of miscarriage when carrying a males offspring that has been displaced and that they know will be killed anyway. Their bodies naturally just abort the child because it’s more beneficial evolutionarily to get that pregnancy out of the way so she can get pregnant by the new alpha male asap.
Other primates have implicit drives to murder baby monkeys that arent their own. It’s not that far fetched to think humans might’ve had that too at one point buried deep down.
We did murder most of our common ancestors after all. Homo sapiens weren’t necessarily the best of the homos, we were just the most brutal and outbred them. Neanderthals weren’t dumb brutes, new studies show they didn’t even have bad posture. They were more gentle and relatively as intelligent. Tribes of Neanderthals have been found to have been murdered, eaten, tortured, and raped by homo sapiens.

Arent these just angry people from third world countries where monkeys are considered pests?


Look closer. A large majority has Anglo-American names. nearly all of them have great English skills. Some even have Caucasian profile pics.
Interestingly enough, a lot of the monkey content comes from specific channels (believed to possibly be owned by the same group due to their same“broken english” naming pattern). They basically cover the daily lives of monkeys living in Cambodian zoos and the like, but for an international audience. Frequently there appears to be trouble between these groups of monkeys, typical in-group fighting and monkeys being assholes as usual.
This is one of the main sources of “monkey misery” for the haters to enjoy, especially when the babies get it.
Now what’s interesting is that many commenters who follow these monkeys (and aren’t part of the hate group) argue that much of the content is intentionally created. They believe the VO’s (Video Operator) intentionally cause monkey trouble or even inflict injuries that they later blame on having been done by other monkeys.
In doing this they have created a sort of ‘soap opera’ and weird foreigners watch this like its TV. They love the characters and the more drama there is the more views they get. It’s all about money.
Keep in mind this is largely a different issue than the monkey hate comments, but it is obviously related. There is the distinct possibility that these channels cater to the haters, although it’s more likely that they cater to the monkey lovers who watch this like it’s a soap opera.

YouTube Analytics of Baby Monkey Hate Viewers

One anon said he reuploaded some of the monkey videos about 3 months ago so he could get some info from YT analytics.
Seems like these people find videos literally just by searching for “baby monkey torture”.
And it’s kind of funny a that they are against reuploading YouTube videos but not against monkey torture??
These people have some autismal hatred for monkeys they can’t explain, I’ve read every possible description of how they’re bad, vermin, disease-infested, evil, vile, blablabla, the babies are “spoiled” and “misbehaving” just because they have normal baby instincts. Hence the sadism is always intermixed with the hatred, such that they seem to think it’s righteous punishment.
Some people have made comparisons to fluffy shit where initially it was just about cute things meeting bad fates, but then later people started creating “bad” fluffies and the abuse became more of a justified thing that the fluffies “deserve”. Seems pretty similar
It’s really strange. For all we know these are normal boomers otherwise. We’ve noticed a lot of them seem to own cats. Probably a coincidence though. It’s like they all have a random phobia that seems unusually widespread. But then it’s like, how come science hasn’t discovered this yet? Why does it show in hatred unlike normal phobias which are about fear?

Scientists and Baby Monkey Hatred

Harry Harlow. He was a psychologist who was“trying to discover the roots of love and learning”which basically amounted to psychologically torturing baby monkeys.
The social isolation studies were worse than the maternal separation studies. Theyd put the baby monkeys in isolation chambers and deprive them of contact with anything else, even a mother. The monkeys would literally become autistic (his words) self mutiliate and have issues fitting in socially with other monkeys.
His work studying baby monkeys has been widely criticized because basically all he was doing was torturing the monkeys under the guise of science.
In context now that we know these baby monkey hate people exist, i believe Harlow was one of them.
I just dont trust a behavioral psychologist conducting quack experiments during the 50s-80s. I can’t prove Harlow was part of MKULTRA but that shit seems straight up the same alley. It’s all too weird.
The footage was shot in 1983–1984 by the researchers themselves as they inflicted brain damage on baboons with a hydraulic device.
The experiments were conducted as part of a research project into head injuries caused by vehicle and sports accidents.
The footage shows the researchers laughing at the baboons as the brain damage is inflicted.
The footage shows the researchers laughing at injured baboons, performing electrocautery on an apparently conscious baboon, smoking cigarettes and pipes during surgery, and playing loud music as the animals are injured.
A researcher is seen holding a seriously injured baboon up to the camera, while others speak to the animal: “Don’t be shy now, sir, nothing to be afraid of,” followed by laughter, and “He says, ‘you’re gonna rescue me from this, aren’t you? Aren’t you?’,”followed by more laughter.
While one baboon was being injured on the operating table by the hydraulic device, the camera panned to a brain-damaged, drooling monkey strapped into a high chair in a corner of the room, with the words “Cheerleading in the corner, we have B-10. B-10 wishes his counterpart well. As you can see, B-10 is still alive. B-10 is hoping for a good result,” followed by laughter.
No way the researchers from this video weren’t monkey haters.
Pithecophobia; is basically the fear of apes, or at least the uncomfortable feelings surrounding the idea of apes and common descent.
Pithecophobia was first coined by William K. Gregory ina 1927 issue of Science magazine’s letters section. He described it as “… a new kind of phobia which is now widely prevalent among the American public …pithecophobia, or the dread of apes – especially the dread of apes as relatives or ancestors. … this phobia has become almost pandemic …”
These people being US-boomers has a high chance that they’re Christian.

The Weirdest Monkey Hater uploader

This is hands down the weirdest monkey hating channel.
This person is probably into worse than justmonkey shit. He is using a picture of Peter Scully. He is the man that is in prison for making those child snuff films in the Philippians.
Here is an interesting Monkey Hate story I saw from andAnon:
This spurs me to share a story involving monkey dismemberment by a group of people told to me by my great uncle. This occurred in ’67 or ’68 in the Chinatown of Victoria BC.
He was a delivery truck driver and delivered a lot of wares to and from Chinese merchants. Always punctual, polite and took care of the items he transported and eventually got on the good-side of a shopkeeper. Well it’s around the Lunar New Year and he is invited to a festive gathering. They served him all these great delicacies that rival anything they could have in the old country and because he is the guest of honour he is among the first there to taste the brain of a monkey which has been tied up on a platter.
It’s alive and aware with the top of its skull removed, after the first guy eats some in front of him to show that it isn’t some sort of prank he hands the platter over with a long handled spoon with a small shallow head.
They instruct him not to scoop to deep as this would cause the monkey to die quicker and spoil some of the fun. When he scooped up some grey matter it caused the monkey’s face to contort and one eye to blink rapidly which illicited more than a few chuckles from those around him. The only taste he could compare it to was escargot but he washed it down so fast he didn’t have time to contemplate the taste. 
I think in this instance it was a cultural practice since he found out afterwards many in attendance were members of a Sino cultural society. They played traditional instruments and a few of the older women had their feet bound in the ‘lotus’ manner.

There is more information to research this is all I have for now… I will update if I have more info…

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