Visit Agora Road’s Macintosh Cafe || An 80’s Vaporwave Community Forum

Visit Agora Road’s Macintosh Cafe || An 80’s Vaporwave Community Forum

What is Agora Road?

I have worked hard to research the internet to find old ascii text files and bring them back to life from the early 1980s-1990s of the internet. They deal with death, hacking, scamming, crime, & everything that you cannot find elsewhere. I am Also a huge fan of Vaporware Artist and will post the only the best Vaporware tracks on this site. I also love the 1980s/90s of the internet and try to make this site as nostalgic as it could be.

What is Agora Road’s Macintosh Cafe?

This is a forum dedicated to the to mainly Vaporwave culture and vintage computing enthusiasts. The theme that you see here is suppose to replicate a 1987 Macintosh SE system 6 webpage.


Our Vaporwave forums promote the discussion dedicated to everything and anything to vaporwave! It includes Vaporwave sub-genres as-well ( mallsoft, lo-fi, phunderphonics, ect). We also encourage you to share to share your favorite band or music, articles, reviews, thoughts, and news of vaporwave.  Includes a special board for Vaporwave creators, composers, and artists to discuss, promote and collaborate.

Share your Vaporwave images, Vinyls, Cassettes, Floppy discs and music creation here!


In addition to our vaporwave forums, we also have a subsection of nostalgia! On this board you can discuss vintage tech from the 90s and older! This is about using, repairing, replicating, emulating, and reminiscing about retro & vintage computers or games. Links should be about using retro equipment or news about retro stuff, whether it’s personal projects, new products, old articles, or reusing old hardware in new ways.

Users Feel free to show off your machines!


Discussion of BSS culture, bbs history, ansi graphics, current development, telent, software, and textfiles.


Lastly we have discussions dedicated to everything and anything to synthwave (Also known as outrun, retrowave, futuresynth,) music culture of 80s nostalgia!

*NEW* Come join Agora Road’s Macintosh Cafe! An 80s Vaporwave Community Forum!

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