Vaporwave Review: Synthetic Sunset by Plastic_Pyramid

Friday, April 19th, 2019

Synthetic Sunset

by Plastic_Pyramid

Synthetic Sunset is a psychedelic vaporwave album, Im’ starting to see a lot more vaporwave albums are headed towards that route. This album kind of reminds of the one that Demian Friey made (check it out here).  Below are my favorite tracks from the album

FlightsStarts off with making you visualize that the setting taking place in the deep blue seas but moments later you find yourself in an empty rail road with only one train roaming into the abyss. It’s kinda trippy the different kinds of sound you’ll hear in this track. It’s all about visualization.

Protosphere It sound like the soundtrack of Ex-Machina but with its own unique spin to it. This track reminds me of the ending scene of Ex-Machina Where the Android finally escapes from her creator and ventures off to the real world.

Paper Animalsis a glitchy broken transmission track in the album. This one has a lore of an electronic computer engine. I can sort of visualize some paper origami figures to manifest itself. But it will shock you with a transmission of voices at you. I cannot make out what the voices are saying but they are masterfully mixed with the beat of this track.

Syrup Dripping Twilight Rays Starts off with a Mario 64 glitch sound to it. And plays out into a glitch rhythmic beat in it.  It’s a short one but a good one.


Overall, if a psychedelic glitched out experimental vaporwave album is your thing then check it out below!

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