Vaporwave Review: Soulhealing by Isaac Ascii

Friday, May 17th, 2019 by Creator of Agora Road

This is a great Classic Vaporwave Eccojams album that takes you through a “refreshing journey through 80’s movies, Synth Pop, Funk and Italo Disco at a soulhealing speeds”. This album was released on May 16th 2019 made by Isaac Ascii.

20th century future (vaporwave) – This is the first track of the album and it consists of movies start up soundtracks mashup together. He even added the Back to the Future sound track in this one which was awesome! Listening to this will give you the nostalgia fuel you need to get into the 80s mindset and ride the journey.

the best memory (vaporwave) – This track has a real nice vice city 80s ring to it. This is an eccojams track that features the saxophone and piano as its main instrument and a backdrop of some bass.

He has masterfully mixed the chorus in looped up classic with strong ecco vibes. But I wanted the chorus to continue a little while longer near the ending.

Permanent (vaporwave) – This one has no lyrics, it is a pure upbeat Synth Pop track. It is a fast moving loop of adrenaline.

the only love I ever want (vaporwave) – In contrast to “permanent” this one is a slower late night lofi track. This a more of a relaxing vibe than the others, it has a calming presence to your ears and some lyrics that I cannot understand.

loves you (vaporwave) – This is the last track of the album, its kinda eerie to be honest and kinda sad. Maybe it’s sad to signify that the album ends after this song. But It is VERY different than the rest of the album.

But it does have a “Heavy Rain” feeling to it which is a really cool game to play btw.

Overall, This album is pretty good with a mix of eccojams and some lofi. There is not that many suggestions I would change about this album is to add some tracks in between that are just like “20th century future”. Other than that I recommend that you listen to his album and see for yourself.

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