Vaporwave Review: Paradise Lost by Fat Man Miami

Album: Paradise Lost

Artist: Fat Man Miami

Fatman Miami is a new artist that I discovered from one of MusicTheHangUp’s tweets and am happy to have discovered another Miami inspired vaporwave artist. His album titled Paradise Lost released on the Seikomart label can only be described as a tropical beach front vaporwave album.

What you should expect from this album is some heavy samples, 80’s Muzak, causal Jazz, and tropical transitional flows with the beats. Now let’s get in depth to the review!

Castaway (Fatter Mix) – Castaway is the first song of the album and it really prepares you with the vibe of the whole album. We got some plunderphonics and the style of fading the song from low to high is used through the whole song.

I love it when artists do this to their songs, it just gives it more life and it feels like it has a personality?

This something I can really picture being in a nightclub with someone wiping out the champagne and making it sparkle throughout the dance floor. There is also some echos within the lyrics, it’s really nice and ties the song together.

熱帯のもつれた植生 / Treetops (Fatter Mix) – This is the one im talking about when I tell you that there is a tropical element to this album. Starts off with the sounds of rain and Caribbean tunes. Then out of nowhere someone is talking about spiced Lizard eggs??

I don’t know where that is sampled from but that was pretty funny. This song implements tropical tunes and a touch of jazz in the background and again you cannot forget about the fading transitions.

To me this has a more of a daytime vibe to this song. You just can cruise around the strip in Miami beach.

For Vek– This song is a more calmer track than the others in the album. It’s still has a tropical vibe but I strongly feel a sense of peace when listening to this song.

You need to hear it to see what I mean. And the simplicity of using just one lyric is what i feel that makes this song so peaceful.

マジックTreasure – This is another dance club type of vaporwave/futurefunk song. Sampled dance jazz that should be played at the Malibu Club at Vice Point.

Fat Journey – I would say that Fat Journey is the last upbeat song of the album. It has a mixed essence of chilling out but I can also get my groove on too.

It has nice transitions like the others but this one really empathize the jazzy sax. You can hear everything else supporting the sax and put it all together beautifully.

パーム– This song is what marks the album of ambient jazz elevator tunes. I feel like this is the point of the album that you need to wind down and chillout. It is very calm and gives a sensitivity of elusiveness relaxing tunes.

This one is pretty short but I like chill songs, reminds me to take the time to slow down and enjoy the life that is in front of me.

Overall, the way the album is structure I feel has energetic tropical club beats but then transitions to a more chillwave calmer jazz aesthetic, like the party is over and now lets wind down and enjoy the rest.

This is a wonderful album to have the pleasure of reviewing and as always the album is down below and Fatman Miami’s social media links is there too.

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Fatman Miami’s Social MediaLinks

Fat Man Miami:

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