Vaporwave Review: Optical outlet by Akira Mall

Wednesday, April 3rd, 2019 by Creator of Agora Road

Album:Optical Outlet

Artist: Akira Mall & Cityman900

Optical Outlet by Akira Mall & Cityman 900 as i’m listening to this fantastic album it has a “shopping experience” aesthetic to the album and some electro twists and turns i the album. It starts off with us the listener of entering the Optical Outlet. The sun is bright and the possibilities are endless to the shopper.

We see the album to really start off in “Lost in a supermarket (vaporwave) This particular song kinda reminds me of the game Flower by that game company. If you have never played it before.

You are basically a flower peddle roaming through landscapes through and empty world. That is what “Lost in a supermarket (vaporwave) reminds me of a free roaming type of track and it’s calm originality.

Side Note:The album has little cues and sound bites from tv shows that really get you a feel that you are experiencing a virtual mall!

For instance “Sighetseeing Elevator (vaporwave) starts off with a massage to the shoppers of what kind of experience they will have shopping at the Akira Mall, and then goes in to a fantastic mix of some piano synths, drums, bass, and a electro rhythm to the song.

The next song “six makis, four nights (vaporwave) as a similar experience but with no intro just straight in to the song but I feel like this song should be enjoyed during the night time.

It has a more calmer and relaxing electro sound to it. Now get ready for the next one! “Flowers, darling (vaporwave) This one has a spy 007 jazz feel in it.

As im listening through the album it seems like the songs progress from early morning upbeat to late night chillwave and the titles sure do go along with it.

It gives the listener a feel that they had a days worth of experiences the Akira Mall. Of course they end the album with a 30 second outro of a woman crying and glass shattering, Im not sure what this symbolize but I thought it was pretty funny.

Favorite Track “Shifting corridor (vaporwave)

Cityman 900 has let me know that this album will be out on cassette very soon and comes in a Sega Cart pressing with an 8 page art booklet inside of it. You can find more information here 

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