Vaporwave Review: NEDERWAVE I by Eis-T

Saturday, March 9th, 2019

If you want to listen to other kinds of vaporwave sampled from the Netherlands, then this album is just for you! as Eis-T puts it “Nederwave™ pays tribute to de Gebroeders Das, two modernist futurologists. Their blueprints shaped how the Dutch saw their future: infrastructure-heavy, digitalized, egalitarian and of high comfort consumption”

This album mainly consist of piano and Netherland cultural aesthetics. For instance I love the intro in 🅃🄾🅃_🅉🄸🄴🄽🅂 it reminds me of the anime Spirited Away. I dont know why but i can definitely feel the passion that Eis-T sampled this track from. You will take a breath of fresh air by hearing vaporwave in another language! I think one that stands out for me is 【DAGJESMΞNSΞN】 I can picture a man strolling with joy through the neighborhood at a time where there is no pain or suffering, I found myselfthinkig it would be sampled from a 50’s era cartoon. I would say that my favorite album is K▲Z▲▲_LITE_1.71.exe I really enjoyed the subtle piano music in the background.

Eis-T has done a great job in this album and I can’t wait to see what he/she produces next!

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