Vaporwave Review ジャングル by 地球

Tuesday, October 1st, 2019 by Jeff Arias

Review by Jeff Arias

Album:  ジャングル

Artist: 地球

The second album on CatCorp’s Hiraeth explores its tropical rainforest theme through the nostalgic lens of new age musician two long-form ambient pieces. The layering of archival field recordings and synthesized swell is accomplished skillfully, creating an illusion of simplicity.

Top-notch mixing and mastering give the album a smoothness that makes it near-indistinguishable from its vintage inspirations: This album would be right at home in a yoga studio, presenting not a trace of irony. This professionalism sets the album apart from other entries in the “naturewave” arena, and it is an accomplishment in itself.

As indistinguishable as it is from the new age music of our past, though, it begs the question of whether musical novelty remains possible in the post-internet epoch. The synth timbres are true to the new age tradition, standing in contrast against the organic soundscape, but apart from a foreboding turn late in part 1, the overall feeling is remarkably warm and reassuring from start to finish.

The technical excellence of 地球 is indisputable, and the album delivers on its promise of a relaxing, immersive naturewave experience.

If it fails to challenge the listener in the ways that much of its creators’ work does, that isn’t really its purpose.

Rating: 8.5/10

Additional Information From The Artist

Artist: 地球 (Earth Earth)
 Title: ジャングル (Jungle)
 Genre: Ambient / Naturewave
 Released on: vinyl, cassette, CD and digital

地球 released an album in 2014 exploring the sounds and synths of ambient music. A soundtrack for humid jungles, moments of Zen and meditation.

The project is a sideproject of 猫 シ Corp. , a way to explore new sounds.

After almost five years the album gets a rerelease on Hiraeth Records, back in 2016 it was featured in the Dreambox by Dream Catalogue. Now fully remastered for vinyl, cassette, CD and digital the album returns.

A bonus track has been made to extend the album and to celebrate it’s rerelease. The bonus track is featured on all formats.

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