Vaporwave For China by XWaves | Ambient – Chillwave

This album is ambient and smooth, I feel like im walking down a Chinese wonder land.

Here is the artist’s Description I couldn’t have worded better myself

Vaporwave for China is a parabolic experience throughout the whole record – both in terms of tempo and energy. Overall the album carries the listener in a warm mood through a variety of different yet similar emotions.

Featuring some previously released tracks by XWaves, Vaporwave for China has some lesser heard tracks and the brand new exclusive track, Fantango

The first 2 tracks bring you in slowly, until the going gets too rough and the beat picks up. Then Paula Jones brings you fully into the record.

Tracks like virtual racing 1999 take you out from behind the controller and into the driver seat of your favourite playstation 2 racing game. Whereas other tracks like O Piano can take you into subway stations and trains populated by other commuters – the people you see everyday but know nothing of.

Just when you think the album is coming to its softer end, fantango brings you back from ‘in your eyes’ to the climax of the album and you can’t help but bob your head to the infectious beat.

The occassional ambient soundscapes of adult and child chatter really immerse the listener into the environment XWaves was mentally constructing during the production of this album.

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