Vaporwave Single Track Review: Runner’s Club 96 – NO SUGAR ADDED

Monday, August 12th, 2019 by Creator of Agora Road


Artist: Runners Club 95

Hey everybody! Here is my review of Runners Club 95 New single NO SUGAR ADDED which was released on Aug 10th from his upcoming album. He is a new member on the Macintosh Cafe so be sure to say hello! I have made this little review on the request of Runners  Club 95. Anyways on to the review!

NO SUGAR ADDED (vaporwave) – When you start the song you are first presented with a calming tunes of a lone flute, it is also accompanied by birds chirping in the distance. It goes pretty slow in the sense that its tries to build up the song. From then on, it’s mixed with some synthesizers that will catch you by surprise. I wish there is more to say about this track but I would need to hear the full album to get the full story. All in all I would say that this track is more geared toward those that like house music. 

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