Road Trip by AnTgry|| electronic – French house – Vaporwave

Monday, May 28th, 2018

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ПEΛTГΔニートロ420 thumbnail

ПEΛTГΔニートロ420 I listened to this when i was in Maledives, it still brings back the memories 🙂Favorite track: Rainbow Road (ft. VANTAGE //).

Callisto thumbnail

Callisto Amazing release…can’t stop jamming out…Favorite track: Orange Road (ft. ConsciousThoughts).

g-squiddy thumbnail

g-squiddy One of my favorite disco albums. A great road trip mix for sure! Favorite track: Milky Road.

Golden Boi thumbnail

Golden Boi Great future funk tracks and amazing cover art! Favorite track: Orange Road (ft. ConsciousThoughts).

necroxiii thumbnail

necroxiii The perfect beach riding song!Favorite track: Orange Road (ft. ConsciousThoughts).


ordered a cassette. My car has an upgraded stero with no cassette player but I’ll downgrade it back to a cassette player just so I can slam that brick in and pop the top on a fine summers day. Favorite track: Summer Road.

Gardeviance thumbnail

Gardeviance Just what I needed for my road trip to California. Favorite track: Lovely Road (Intro).

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