Vaporwave Review: This Is Summer by Beach || Dreamwave -Synthwave

Tuesday, February 6th, 2018

Review: This Is Summer by Beach || Dreamwave -Synthwave

Fist of all the cover art is amazing. A stormy sunrise background in a palm beach. It kind of reminds me of surfing early at 6 am in the rain over her in Cali where I live. That was the best time to surf because the storms would bring high tides and big waves. That is until of course thunder comes around. Anyway, this single has a good start will smooth synths and some drums but it sounds pretty much the same throughout the whole track. I suggest that Beach should keep the build up but maybe put some electric piano with the synths.

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Vaporwave Review: This Is Summer by Beach || Dreamwave -Synthwave


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2 comments on “Vaporwave Review: This Is Summer by Beach || Dreamwave -Synthwave

  1. Whazzuup says:

    Artwork: cool
    Song? I like it very much. I disagree that it’s boring, cause I like the main synth that’s all I need. Did you even listen to the end… and at those sweeps? Bladerunner in summer, Man … 🙂

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