Vaporwave Review: Cool Time! by M a g n a v o x 2 3 キャロン

Saturday, February 2nd, 2019

Album: Cool Time!

Artist: M a g n a v o x 2 3 キャロン

This album has a pretty good start. The first track “Summer Vibes”has a slow dance jam and some smooth sampled vocals in the classic eccojams style.

This will pretty much set the tune from the whole album with a few exceptions. With the track “Sweet Love for instance reminds me of a happy version of Mushroomland TV.

For those of you that dont know what that is, I wrote an blog about it on the main site but it’s not vaporwave related. It’s the piano that reminds me of it but it’s pretty good.‘Millionarie Boy” reminds me of the time when i was tripping on acid and I was seeing Kevin Spacy dancing in a night club in a 70’s outfit .

The album finishes off with a smooth jazz tune. Nice… Well thats the end of my review! I hope you can enjoy the song and tell me what your thoughts!

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