This is a wonderful mallsoft vaporwave album that focuses on retail aesthetics. This was released on May 4th 2019 by リズ This is primarily a mallfsoft plunderphonic album that focus on the Kmart grocery store.

Kmart Radio – This is where the album starts. It’s just a short little introduction to get you in the mood to enjoy your shopping experience in the nostalgic Kmart. Its recored from a real Kmart announcement.

I find that  リズム Made the album much better by adding these little Kmart recording through the album. It really makes you feel like a shopper i the nostalgic days.

Soulwave – This would be the best track of the album so far. This a very smooth jazzy track. It is really soft with the vocals but has the effect of a big simulated shopping center intercom. 

TOTAL ECLIPSE OF THE MART – is a cool one. It felt like a scary song in the beginning but really showed its emotion through the middle. It has nice beats and really grooves with you.

It’s a semi upbeat album but with distortion. You’ll see what i mean when you listen to it.

K – Is the last real song of the album. You will hear saxophones, vocals, pianos, and a distorted dreamy listening experience. This is the song that signals the end of your Kmart shopping experience.  

Overall, this was a good mallsoft album. I really enjoyed that リズム  put in real Kmart announcements in throughout the album. I would suggest you listen to this album when you’re high, trust me its awesome when you’re high. It really makes the listening experience much better.

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