Guest Post: 花の鼻 by Shifty Comfort

Tuesday, April 23rd, 2019

Guest Post: Shifty Comfort.  
Album: 花の鼻 
Artist: Shifty 安楽 鳥のさえずりが鳴り、突風の突風。咲く花の鼻。

The inspiration for this album came from, sitting outside on a warm spring day, enjoying the new bloom of spring time flowers, and then the pleasant reminder of the inevitable allergies I suffer throughout the season.

Also, my love of Akira Kurosawa movies starring Toshirô Mifune, traditional Japanese music played by contemporary artists, for example the Yoshida Brothers, and the beat from “Uproar” earl-looping in my brain.

So, after a picture of a flowering tree and some 8-bit manipulation, I came up with the album cover, which was reminiscent of cherry blossoms, from there I began assembling samples (recording YouTube videos from computer speakers to my phone)  to emphasize the dual nature of spring: flowers and allergies, sunshine to rainstorm, “in like a lion out like a lamb”.

I gave myself the goal to use only my phone, samples directly recorded with the stock audio recorder (I did download a ringtone for some rain sfx), and lexis audio editor app to create, master, and publish.

I hope you have as much fun listening to this album as I had making it, thank for listening!

-Shifty Comfort

PS. Use google translate. And there are extra jpgs that I have included in the download, and as always and forever my music is 100% free, so if it asks you to pay put 0.00, I don’t need money this is music for fun. 

If you guys want to do a Guest post to promote your music or want to review your favorite artist’s vaporwave/Future Funk/ SynthWave album or song then email me here thank you!

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