Coffee With Council by Vaporwave Club

Monday, April 30th, 2018


A solemn remembrance of the innocence of walking through a hotel late at night.


released April 20, 2017


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SoyTroy thumbnail

SoyTroy I must say, Vaporwave Club is probably the most sickeningly underrated artist in this community. This album tried something totally new and did it perfectly all in one go. The Hotel equivalent of Mallsoft, this “Hotelsoft” album makes you feel like you just pulled into a hotel at 11pm for a late check in as your family and you gather their bags into the room. It feels like sitting in an empty illuminated pool room after hours.Favorite track: Complimentary Buffet.

Michael Taylor thumbnail

Michael Taylor There will exist two distinct epochs of my life, before hearing this, and after.

Zimmy Timmy thumbnail

Zimmy Timmy I can close my eyes and walk past fountains, find floating shapes inside rooms, going hallway by hallway looking for my hotel room as I listen to this song and this whole album.Favorite track: Late Night Wandering.

mapip thumbnail

mapip Why did you make it so nice when you sent it???

I never want to open this cassette. 🙂Favorite track: Late Night Wandering.

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