Album: Mana Pool by VAPERROR

Wednesday, April 25th, 2018

Krystal GB 03:06
Surf 02:10
808 Dreams 02:42
Like Water 02:28

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released March 24, 2017

Music by Jeff Cardinal. Artwork by Jeff Cardinal and Drew Wise.


all rights reserved

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plasticwrap thumbnail

plasticwrap not as good as acid arcadia, but much chiller, less challenging Favorite track: Like Water.

░▒▓█▓▒░ thumbnail

░▒▓█▓▒░ It’s groovy, sounds nice, and isn’t annoying when it gets stuck in my head. The simplicity of this album that seals the deal for me. There is nothing “over-the-top” with the album, yet it still remains engaging. There are a few dull moments, but they’re quite short-lived Favorite track: Like Water.

Connor Zamora thumbnail

Connor Zamora This was the first album I listened to that was a sub-category of vaporwave. This album got me into vaporwave, and stands as one of the best vaportrap albums of all time. Love this album.Favorite track: Aqua Domain.

vaporwavemusicisawesome thumbnail

vaporwavemusicisawesome This album is a true vaportrap classic. 10/10 Favorite track: Like Water.

Jordan Schirle thumbnail

Jordan Schirle Gonna be so much fun spinning this on my turntable. 🙂 This album is so addicting to listen to, and finally owning a physical copy (especially of colored vinyl) will make it even better.Favorite track: ://start_up_seq.exe.

klonoa thumbnail

klonoa The best mix of vaporwave and trap to date. Glad I can finally get it on vinyl for not only a low price but on such a cool looking blue-splatter vinyl!Favorite track: Krystal GB.

Harvey Lovejoy thumbnail

Harvey Lovejoy Has no right being as great as it is and yet here we are. Favorite track: Surf.

slightlydeeperblue thumbnail

slightlydeeperblue It’s Mana Pool, all of it is good. Everybody likes Mana Pool my dude.Favorite track: ://start_up_seq.exe.

War Driver thumbnail

War Driver So glad to finally have this on wax!Favorite track: 808 Dreams.

MOKI MOKI ♥ モキ モキ thumbnail

MOKI MOKI ♥ モキ モキ I’m starting to get into vaporwave and other subgenres and gave this a listen and I’m hooked! Glad I could order the vinyl version.Favorite track: 808 Dreams.

Sev thumbnail

Sev It’s like water, but not real!Favorite track: Aqua Domain.

sentientistired thumbnail

sentientistired Nice electronic-trap fusion. Simple but effective.

SuaveDogs thumbnail

SuaveDogs This album brings me lifeFavorite track: 808 Dreams.

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