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.Onion Site: The Imperial Library

Monday, April 23rd, 2018

The Imperial Library is actually pretty useful. They post books for free to read as their website proclaims…

 “Copyright laws are obsolete. With the technology to copy books without cost we can finally have universal access to the culture. We can provide the tools to allow everybody read any book without dependence on their monetary resources. Of course we have to feed the authors, but with the capitalist way of commercialize culture now we are doing a really bad job at that. We are feeding big corporations, not the authors.”

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Everything a Hacker Needs to Know About Getting Busted By The Feds Part 1: Federal Criminal Law

Tuesday, May 23rd, 2017
   Written By Agent Steal (From Federal Prison, 1997)
      Internet E-mail,
      Contributions and editing by Minor Threat and Netta Gilboa
      Special thanks to Evian S. Sim
This article may be freely reproduced, in whole or in part, provided
acknowledgments are given to the author. Any reproduction for profit, lame
zines, (that means you t0mmy, el8, you thief) or law enforcement use is
prohibited. The author and contributors to this phile in no way advocate
criminal behavior.

   A. Relevant Conduct
   B. Preparing for Trial
   C. Plea Agreements and Attorneys
   D. Conspiracy
   E. Sentencing
   F. Use of Special Skill
   G. Getting Bail
   H. State v. Federal Charges
   I. Cooperating
   J. Still Thinking About Trial
   K. Search and Seizure
   L. Surveillance
   M. Presentence Investigation
   N. Proceeding Pro Se
   O. Evidentiary Hearing
   P. Return of Property
   Q. Outstanding Warrants
   R. Encryption
   A. State v. Federal
   B. Security Levels
   C. Getting Designated
   D. Ignorant Inmates
   E. Population
   F. Doing Time
   G. Disciplinary Action
   H. Administrative Remedy
   I. Prison Officials
   J. The Hole
   K. Good Time
   L. Halfway House
   M. Supervised Release

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Ultimate Guide to Getting WaReZ on the Internet

Saturday, May 20th, 2017
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Date: Sun, 30 Nov 1997 16:51:25 -0500
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Subject: Ultimate Guide to Getting WaReZ on the Internet

Warez sites are a very poor source of warez for the majority of the links don’t work or are linked to FTPs that are constantly full/busy. Also many warez sites are highly infested with demos and legally free software. Probably due to ripping from other warez sites that are also infested with demos and/or the webmaster trying to ‘puff up’ his warez list by putting demo/shareware links that are easily confused as warez. Warez sites is the most user-frienly, eye appealing way to get warez though. I’ve seen a major improvement as far as finding and getting warez on the web, but it is on the downfall right now as many of the good sites are getting shut down.

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