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Phreaking: Pearl Box Plans From The INFECTion Cookbook

Sunday, August 20th, 2017

The Pearl Box:Definition – This is a box that may substitute for many boxes which produce tones in hertz. The Pearl Box when operated correctly can produce tones from 1-9999hz. As you can see, 2600, 1633, 1336 and other crucial tones are obviously in its sound spectrum.

Materials you will need in order to build The Pearl Box:

Instructions for building Pearl Box: ======================================

Since the instruction are EXTREMELY difficult to explain in words, you will be given a schematic instead. It will be quite difficult to follow but try it any way.

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Phreaking: Black Box Plans From The INFECTion Cookbook

Wednesday, July 19th, 2017


At any given time, the voltage running through your phone is about 20 Volts. When someone calls you, this voltage goes up to 48 Volts and rings the bell. When you answer, the voltage goes down to about 10 Volts. The phone company pays attention to this. When the voltage drops to 10, they start billing the person who called you.


The Black Box keeps the voltage going through your phone at 36 Volts, so that it never reaches 10 Volts. The phone company is thus fooled into thinking you never answered the phone and does not bill the caller. However, after about a half hour the phone company will get suspicious and disconnect your line for about 10 seconds.


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Phreaking: Aqua Box Plans From The INFECTion Cookbook

Thursday, July 13th, 2017
If you dont know what phreaking is or what box plans are used for then go here Phreaking Dictionary 

Aqua Box Plans

Every true phreaker lives in fear of the dreadded F.B.I. ‘Lock In Trace.’ For a long time, it was impossible to escape from the Lock In Trace. This box does offer an escape route with simple directions to it. This box is quite a simple concept, and almost any phreaker with basic electronics knowledge can construct and use it.

The Lock In Trace

A lock in trace is a device used by the F.B.I. to lock into the phone users location so that he can not hang up while a trace is in progress. For those of you who are not familiar with the concept of ‘locking in’, then here’s a brief description. Read the rest of this entry »