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Massacres: Guide to Maximizing Your Kill Count Conclusion

Sunday, November 5th, 2017
I’m not saying that this is the best or only proper (?) way to do a mass-murder… I will not argue with anyone who says it is more “courageous” to do a mass-murder in a police station rather than a schoolyard… But the entire focus of this essay is centered on the one goal of MAX. DEATH!

O.k., let us now briefly examine the “element of surprise attack” and it’s importance to mass-murder. I do NOT think it is a very crucial element. The fact is that most EVERY mass-murder is a TOTAL surprise.

NOBODY can EVER predict that a certain person will attempt a mass-shooting on a particular day in a particular place.

The only precautions a gunman needs to take involves simple common sense. If you write threatening letters in which you indicate that you are planning a massacre in a particular location, then you are a FOOL! Read the rest of this entry »

Massacres: Guide to Maximizing Your Kill Count Part 1

Sunday, November 5th, 2017

By Full Force Frank

Hey! How are y’all doin’? This is Frank, yer eDICKtor. I’m sorry about taking up space with dat disclaimer on top, but I figure that an essay dealing with MAXIMIZING MASS-MURDER KILL COUNTS leaves a noticeable draft on your humble eDICKtor’s valuable position as a respected and law-abiding member of the community. So, I am covering MY ASS with a disclaimer up there! So anyway, today is December 22, 1989, a coupla dayz before Christmas.

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The Basics of Terminating Human Life Part 7: Explosives

Saturday, November 4th, 2017

Explosives have been used for many years as a form of assassination, and terrorism. Probably the most known group who uses explosives are the Mafia. Explosives can be used in many ways: under a car, in a light bulb, a light switch, etc…. There are many ways apply explosives the sky’s the limit.

The explosive is the actual cause of death, it’s the shrapnel which causes injuries that cause death. So keep that in mind when using explosives for assassination. In the following chapter I will supply you with different recipes for explosives use them how you will.

ANFO (original source – TAFE blasting course) (secondary source – Makeshift Arsenal) ANFO is the most commonly used commercial and agricultural explosive as it is cheap and does a good job, this is the explosive farmers use to blow stumps out of the ground and mines also use it on mass. Read the rest of this entry »

The Basics of Terminating Human Life Part 6: Garrote and How to Make a .22 Zip Gun

Saturday, September 9th, 2017


Garrote Kill

When ambushing from behind you can use several methods to neutralize the subject. The method I will talk about is strangulation.

The weapon used will be a garrote wire (piano cord or metal wire will do). It has a length of about two feet long. Wrap the ends of the wire around your fists and grip the central position with the thumbs.

Some say cross the garrote, this only complicates the attack and makes it less likely to succeed. Drop the garrote over the enemy’s head and pull back with both hands, exerting enough pressure to force the enemy backwards.

They will try to seize the garrote to relieve the pressure. This method attacks the trachea, preventing outcry, as well as shutting off the blood flow to the brain. Continue exerting pressure with the arms, crossing your fists behind the enemy’s neck.

Drive the knee upward into the small of their back, breaking the spine. To finish him off twist to the right, dropping him face down, then sit on top of their back with your knee until they cease to struggle.

.22 zip gun (pen gun)
(Source: unknown)

WARNING: This was not written nor tested by the author, reader assumes all responsibilities for what happens when built and used.

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The Basics of Terminating Human Life Part 5: Defenestration and Hit and Run

Sunday, August 20th, 2017


Death from falling.
The distance of the fall is not of much concern because the mark can be killed by “falling” off the roof of a single story dwelling or pushed down stairs. If the subject
is not killed, they’re pushed or dropped again until they are. Once again, a three-man team must be used to handle the subject. He must be knocked-out, maced, or otherwise under your control.

Marks’ living in high rises and apartments are the obvious choices for defenestration. Tall office buildings are perfect for the defenestration of executive marks. The drop should be chosen with a view to maximize the force of impact. Fences and concrete sidewalks are excellent. Car roofs are known to break falls, so try not to dump the subject on one.

Hit and Run

(Source – unknown)
If auto killing is to be done, it is quite often a team effort requiring timing, dry runs and planning of escape routes. This makes it a very complex method full of unknown variables that can make the whole hit go awry at any time. Read the rest of this entry »

The Basics of Terminating Human Life Part 3: Edged and Piercing Weapons

Thursday, July 20th, 2017
Although firearms, are usually the most desirable weapons to employ in making a hit. Knives are excellent weapons as well. Their silence is the best thing about them. The
worst part is the closeness to the target.


Because of the intimacy of the knife and the need for closeness to the target, this is not one of the most popular forms of assassination. Feeling a marks body squirm in agony, feeling warm blood on one’s face, clothing, hands, etc., and viewing the terrified, desperate eyes of the target as he struggles frantically and hysterically against one’s
attempt to take his life is a very hard thing for anyone to deal with.


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The Basics of Terminating Human Life Part 2: Unarmed Killing Techniques

Sunday, July 16th, 2017

Unarmed Killing Techniques

Although unarmed killing isn’t the best way to kill a mark, it’s one of the quietest. There have been numerous killers in the world who’ve killed with nothing but their bare hands. I say congratulations to them. I wouldn’t suggest it though. I wouldn’t suggest it, but since I’m here to tell you about all the aspects of killing, I’m going to.

Unarmed Kill #1

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The Basics of Terminating Human Life Part 1

Friday, July 14th, 2017

by Jack_the_Rippa

To kill efficiently and proficiently one must understand the human anatomy and it’s weaknesses. That means the killer must have a great understanding of vital body organs, nerve centers, pressure points, and so forth. This does not mean you attempt an assassination with your bare hands, which would be totally foolish. Only a retard would attempt an assassination when a perfectly good weapon is available.

One critical factor that must always be kept in mind by the professional is that no victim is going to cooperate in his or her own execution. This may sound absolutely ridiculous but it’s not. Too many students of the art of assassination fail to understand just how much resistance a person will have when fighting for his life.

From the latter, it should be easy to understand, that when at all possible, the element of surprise be used. The surprise factor should eliminate any chance of mark becoming alert and have that adrenaline rush jump in causing much unnecessary trouble. Read the rest of this entry »

Assorted Ways to Kill Someone

Wednesday, July 12th, 2017

Dutifully Typed by The Arsonist.


If you do indeed take the information provided in this article seriously enough to do it, please forget where you read it.


The first and probably least known way to maim (such a nice word) someone is through the use of various herbal extracts..(no I don’t mean Sinsemella)

Diffenbachia (dumbcane)

Take 2-4 of the leaves and boil them in water (don’t inhale the fumes) When the water becomes a greenish color, take the leaves and throw them away..Now take the liquid and add it to the victims drink,food etc..The victims voice goes kaput.


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Art of Hunting People at Night

Saturday, June 24th, 2017



Sinister X, Agent Cyclone, Drug Lord

First off i would like to welcome you to another file by Ultra. We only have three members currently and we are working hard to bring you original files to expand your knowledge on certain subjects. This file is some basic things you can do to enjoy life more. Just use your common sense to apply what you see here to real life.

Killing ——-

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