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An Introduction to: Interrogation Techniques ( for Phun and Profit)

Friday, May 26th, 2017


By The ZED/NET Writer #1

 It is easy to intercept transmissions-but the human brain is still one of the
safest places to keep information.  This phile will help you pull information
from the bodies greatest fortress.


 Pain used to be the most popular sort of interrigation.  The thumb screw and
the rack were famous for “loosening a strong man’s tongue.” Pain, however, is a
two-edged weapon.  Its infliction may be able to bring quick results– but a
victim pushed to extremes of pain may babble anything his questioners wish to
hear.  Torture can also harden a few individuals.  They may resist until death,
or prove poor exhibits at a subsequent trial.  Also torture can bring about
negative propaganda towards the torturer.

The Five S’s

 1.  Stop and search. At checkpoints or randomn searches, clothing is checked
of weapons, and people are checked against photos to see if they are the
suspects being searched for. Read the rest of this entry »