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.Onion Site: Dream Market (Darknet Website)

Thursday, July 13th, 2017


Warning about Dream IMPORTANT

Before getting started, set a VPN and open your Tor browser. Copy and paste http://lchudifyeqm4ldjj.onion/ this link on Tor and press Enter. Now, you will be taken to the .onion domain which can be accessed only Tor browser.

It is simple and easy to register with Dream Market (Dream Market Link). It is a straightforward process. To complete the process, you need to pay attention for a couple of things. Here are the few. Read the rest of this entry »

Phreaking Dictionary: What is Phreaking

Wednesday, June 28th, 2017

/-/ Phreak Dictionary /-/

From The InFECTion Cook Book

Here you will find some of the basic but necessary terms that should be known by any phreak who wants to be respected at all.

Phreak : 1. The action of using mischevious and mostly illegal ways in order to not pay for some sort of tele- communications bill, order, transfer, or other service. It often involves usage of highly illegal boxes and machines in order to defeat the security that is set up to avoid this sort of happening. [fr’eaking]. v.

2. A person who uses the above methods of destruction and chaos in order to make a better life for all. A true phreaker will not not go against his fellows or narc on people who have ragged on him or do anything termed to be dishonorable to phreaks. [fr’eek]. n.

3. A certain code or dialup useful in the action of being a phreak. (Example: “I hacked a new metro phreak last night.”)

Switching System: 1. There are 3 main switching systems currently employed in the US, and a few other systems will be mentioned as background. Read the rest of this entry »

The Phishing Guide Part 2 : Man-in-The-Middle

Saturday, June 17th, 2017

For a Phishing attack to be successful, it must use a number of methods to trick the customer into doing something with their server and/or supplied page content. There are an ever increasing number of ways to do this. The most common methods are explained in detail below, will include:

Man-in-the-middle Attacks

• URL Obfuscation Attacks

• Cross-site Scripting Attacks

• Preset Session Attacks

• Observing Customer Data

• Client-side Vulnerability Exploitation

I will go into more deatil about others in anouther post but today we are going to learn how to do Man-in-the-Middle attack

Man-in-the-middle Attacks One of the most successful vectors for gaining control of customer information and resources is through man-in-the-middle attacks. In this class of attack, the attacker situates themselves between the customer and the real web-based application, and proxies all communications between the systems. From this vantage point, the attacker can observe and record all transactions. This form of attack is successful for both HTTP and HTTPS communications. The customer connects to the attackers server as if it was the real site, while the attackers server makes a simultaneous connection to the real site. The attackers server then proxies all communications between the customer and the real web-based application server – typically in real-time. In the case of secure HTTPS communications, an SSL connection is established between the customer and the attackers proxy (hence the attackers system can record all traffic in an unencrypted state), while the attackers proxy creates its own SSL connection between itself and the real server.

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Guide to Steal From ATMs in The 1990s

Friday, June 2nd, 2017


NOTE: There has been a few files written about how to ‘RIP OFF’ ATM’s of  some sort but this file will not contain technical shit on the card tracks or a xxxyyyooo17ss type of format. This text will tell you how to rip off ATM’s without all of that technical stuff that you can’t really use because most of the stuff are too hard. So I give you methods on how you can defeat ATM’s with things you may or may not need to pay a-lot for! This file is real unlike a file I came across that a user uploaded on Blitzkrieg called KRAD#1 which I feel was written by 10year olds. That file is totally SHIT! Now there was a-lot of Valid writers on the subject of ATM’s but I feel they were on the subject of PINs & PANs which is very hard to do right.

NOTE II: ATM theft is a Federal Crime and the Government doesn’t like there funds fucked with. The author does not, DOES NOT bare responsibility for the misuse of the information, if you are able to commit any of the crimes listed then your able to be responsible for your own damn actions! Don’t tell’em I made you do it!
                                                   THE RAVEN

         I. Con Jobs
        II. Physical Methods
       III. Electronic & Computer Scams
        IV. Bogus Cards, Getting PINs
         V. Author’s Note


 New York City (My Home!) is the leader in ATM con jobs. Altogether, about 2,000 Citibank users were victimized by ATM con artist in one years time for a tune of $495,000!!So I’m going to spread some light on what and how these cons are pulled off.


 A con method popular with Citibank ATMs netted one con artist $92,000- with the unwitting assistance of his 374 victims. The scheme works in  lobbies with more than one ATM, and a service phone. The well dressed and articulate con man poses as a legit user and stands between two ATMs, pretending to be talking to the bank service personnel over the service phone. After a user inserts his card into the ATM’s card reader slot he tells his that the machine is not working. The user withdraws his card leaving the ATM activated. The con man then observes the user  entering his PIN into the adjacent ATM. Then, still holding the phone, the con man enters the user’s PIN into the first ATM. In make-believe conversation with the bank, the con man acts like he is receiving instructions from the bank. To complete the theft he talks the user (major social engineering!) into entering his card into the first ATM again to “test” or “clear” the ATM. He claims that bank personnel think that the user’s card “locked up” or “jammed” the ATM and or that ATM may have made the user’s card defective, and the insertion of it is required to “unlock” or “unjam” the ATM and/or to verify that the user’s card is still valid. After the users leaves, the con man enters into the keypad and withdraws the maximum daily amount from the users account. This only works on Citibank ATMs because they don’t take the user’s card, but once the card is slipped in the ATM is activated.

 Another popular con is for the con man to call up an ATM user whose card he’s found or stolen. He identifies himself as a police officer, and  obtains the PIN from the user by stating that it is required by law to verify the card owner. This works really well if you can bullshit them good like act like you have to do something and tell them to call you right back (on a loop!) and have a friend answer as the police station!
 A subject was recently was recently convicted in N.Y. and Boston of defrauding ATM accounts of $150,000. He dubbed over 300 ATM users into believing he was a bank security officer who needed assistance in the apprehending of a dishonest bank employee. The users were convinced to leave their bank cards under the locked door of the bank. The con man would then “fish” the cards out. The next morning the con man would have someone make a phone call to the card holder saying that they have caught the employee and detective “hacker” would like to thank you to. But since the employee did come in contact with their card the bank is going to give them a new PIN # after the get the  old one! Then the con man’s helper would say come pick up your new card and we will tell you your new PIN #.

II. Physical Methods

Some folks just don’t like to outsmart a system or person. They prefer the more physical approach by either breaking or removing the ATM. The hazards are obvious-several built-in silent alarms,heavy stainless steel safe like construction, the amount of commotion and noise that results from their efforts, hard to dispose of evidence, etc. Those who have the most success with physical methods, plan and execute their operation as if it were commando mission.  Read the rest of this entry »


Saturday, May 20th, 2017


Beginners’ Series #2, Section 2.

Hacking into Windows 95 (and a little bit of NT lore)!

Important warning: this is a beginners lesson. BEGINNERS. Will all you
geniuses who were born already knowing 32-bit Windows just skip reading this
one, OK? We don’t need to hear how disgusted you are that not everyone
already knows this.

PARENTAL DISCRETION ADVISED! Read the rest of this entry »