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Journey to The Dark Net: Cannibal Cafe (Screen Shots)

Friday, July 28th, 2017

Link as been moved here so google wont block us for being too scary

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Art of Hunting People at Night

Saturday, June 24th, 2017



Sinister X, Agent Cyclone, Drug Lord

First off i would like to welcome you to another file by Ultra. We only have three members currently and we are working hard to bring you original files to expand your knowledge on certain subjects. This file is some basic things you can do to enjoy life more. Just use your common sense to apply what you see here to real life.

Killing ——-

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Snuff Film Advertisement “Dafu Love”

Saturday, June 10th, 2017

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How to Torture Your Victim With Household items

Saturday, June 3rd, 2017

Aha! I don’t know how you made it or why you did it, but for some reason you got yourself a human inside a house that you have to get some information from. And the best way to do that is of course – torture! Unfortunately, our “civilized” culture doesn’t give you any items for torture so you’ll have to improvise…

This file can be used anytime. It requires that you have strapped the “victim” (haha) to a chair or equal preventing him from escaping when the light turns red.


Your house is full of chemicals! Many of them are dangerous and can be used to achieve pain. Some examples: Ammonia, very strong and painful. Put a glass under his nose and make him smell it. He will probably be poisoned after a short while. Alcohol: Ahh…force him to drink things that makes him go drunk. When the liquid cabinet is empty, use common perfumes, roll-on, after-shave…all of them contains alcohol. Strong acids: Can be found in the basement. Give him a shower.

     2. THE SAUNA

Got yourself a sauna in the house? Great. Turn it on at maximum effect and throw the victim inside. He will talk in a few hours and drop dead after a few more. If your sauna got a good ventilating system, the floor can be rather cold so nail him to a chair to be sure of 100% effect. If he won’t talk anyway, open the door and burn his body to the hot stones. Talking about burning it leads us to…

     3. THE OVEN

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Choosing The Best Girl to Eat (With Recipes!)

Wednesday, May 31st, 2017

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 Now that you read that disclaimer to save my ass, lets get right to it.

Now Choosing the best girls for your larder is a rather complicated matter. First you must decide what recipe the girl will be used for, then the choices can be narrowed. Then you must prepare the body based on the use to be made of the meat. Different recipes and different cooking methods determine the age, size, and preparation method.

I know most of you were told not to play with your food, but girlmeat is an exception to that rule. Before butchering, you should put her to good use. Sucking your cock is always great, but fucking her and then stuffing her cunt with your cum still inside her provides an interesting flavor addition to the stuffing mix.

Also a well used cunt will be more muscular and therefore more meaty.

The best girls are between 14 and 20 years of age, with proportionately developed bodies. They should be neither fat nor skinny, except in special cases.

Breast sizes should be moderate. Breasts that are too large or that have been lactating will have large milk duct glands and a fair amount of fatty tissue and will not be the best tasting.

Ideally breasts should be firm, with moderate sized nipples, and well rounded. Some people like puffy nipples if the girls is to be barbecued as these larger nipples can be sliced off early in the cooking process so that the girl can watch you eat her while she’s still alive. Although somewhat tough and fatty these nipples are tasty when eaten rare,
dripping with barbecue sauce.

The following recipes require the girls as indicated, although all girls can used for almost any recipe:

Recipe & Preferred Girl

Liver served rare or fried with onions Young – 14 to 16, not thin but not fat

Heart served rare or Young – 14 to 16, not thin but not fat sautéed in sauces about 5-10 lbs overweight maximum

Chopped Heart or Liver 18 -20 years old, athletic body
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