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.Onion Sites: The Dark Lair (Screenshots)

Monday, April 23rd, 2018

The Dark Lair is a community social networking forum where users can chat, post images, create polls, and make webpages. You can chat on their forum without signing in but they make you “reserve you name” to view their gallery. The most interesting thing about this site Read the rest of this entry »

Come to The Last Internet Cafe

Saturday, December 30th, 2017

We have added chatrooms on our website

Come to the Internet Cafe! The last Chatroom of it’s kind! Feel The Nostalgia of 1995!
Ever wondered what it was chatroom was like in the wild west of the internet?


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Journeys to The DarkNet: Hidden Answers

Monday, June 5th, 2017
Hey everyone, so this is a new series that i am going to start get going. Anyway, I found a very interesting forum Called Hidden Answers , Its basically a chat forum like askme but they usually ask illegal subjects like bitcoin laundering, how to catfish, and sometimes they ask normal question like “Is a threesome worth a full day’s Drive?”  Here are the few Interesting screen shots that I took.

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Step-by-Step on How to Eat Human Flesh

Wednesday, May 31st, 2017

by Bob Arson

This is a step-by-step guide on how to break down the human body from the full figure into serviceable choice cuts of meat. As in any field, there are a number of methods to the practice, and you may wish to view this as a set of suggestions rather than concrete rules.

You will notice that the carving of the larger or “commercial” cuts down into smaller specific or “retail” cuts will be only mentioned in passing, and not concentrated upon. Also, the use of human fat and viscera is generally avoided, and left only to the most experimental chef.

These choices, along with recipes and serving suggestions, are nearly infinite in variety, and we leave them to you. We’ve found these guidelines to be simple and functional, but recognize that there is always room for improvement and we welcome your suggestions.

Before getting to the main task, it must be mentioned that the complete rendering of the human carcass requires a fairly large amount of time, effort, and space. If the consumer does not wish to go through the ordeal of processing and storing the bulk of the entire animal, an easy alternative is as follows.

Simply saw through one or both legs at the points directly below the groin and a few inches above the knee. Once skinned, these portions may then be cut into round steaks of the carver’s preferred thickness, cut into fillets, deboned for a roast, etc. Meat for several meals is thus readily obtained without the need for gutting and the complexities of preparing the entire form.

The human being (also referred to throughout culinary history as “long pig” and “hairless goat” in the case of younger specimens) is not generally thought of as a staple food source.

Observing the anatomy and skeleton, one can see that the animal is neither built nor bred for its meat, and as such will not provide nearly as much flesh as a pig or cow (for example, an average 1000 pound steer breaks down to provide 432 pounds of saleable beef).

The large central pelvis and broad shoulder blades also interfere with achieving perfect cuts. There are advantages to this however, especially due to the fact that the typical specimen will weigh between 100-200 pounds, easily manipulated by one person with sufficient leverage. Read the rest of this entry »

An Introduction to: Interrogation Techniques ( for Phun and Profit)

Friday, May 26th, 2017

An Introduction to: Interrogation Techniques ( for Phun and Profit)


By The ZED/NET Writer #1

 It is easy to intercept transmissions-but the human brain is still one of the
safest places to keep information.  This phile will help you pull information
from the bodies greatest fortress.


 Pain used to be the most popular sort of interrigation.  The thumb screw and
the rack were famous for “loosening a strong man’s tongue.” Pain, however, is a
two-edged weapon.  Its infliction may be able to bring quick results– but a
victim pushed to extremes of pain may babble anything his questioners wish to
hear.  Torture can also harden a few individuals.  They may resist until death,
or prove poor exhibits at a subsequent trial.  Also torture can bring about
negative propaganda towards the torturer.

The Five S’s

 1.  Stop and search. At checkpoints or randomn searches, clothing is checked
of weapons, and people are checked against photos to see if they are the
suspects being searched for. Read the rest of this entry »