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.Onion Site: Queen of Cards (Carding Site)

Thursday, February 1st, 2018
Now I have to say that I am impressed with this site. It seems to have a very large and active community unlike the other carding websites on the darkweb. It is a place to buy and sell credit cards, DUMPS, Bank accounts with balances. Amazon Gift card codes, Pre-paid Credit cards, and ect.

This was referred to me by a guy on reddit and even though I dont buy this kind of shit on the darkweb. I have had mixed reviews on this website some people say its a scam. And I wont buy them myself because I like keeping my hands clean. I have to say that there are a lot of people on Queen of Cards. So who knows maybe its legit.  I do not condone anything Illegal but if you do happen to go use a VPN and comment below your experience. Read the rest of this entry »

.Onion Site – Armory (Buy Weapons For Bitcoin)

Wednesday, January 31st, 2018
The Armory is most likely a scam because who fucking uses bitcoin anymore. If you are goin to the darkweb and making purchases I suggest Monero is is 100% anonymous and the blockchain transactions cant be traced unlike with Bitcoin.

Anyway lets get into this site. They require you to register on the site but with no email the registration was very easy which makes me very suspicious. If you were to sell guns wouldn’t you want the registration process a little harder?? Like maybe require a referral from a verified member. They claim to have tested there weapons as”Goods are 100% Verified and Tested Multiple Times”

As I cannot confirmed that at all we would just have to take your word for it. And whats also alarming if you want to buy a gun you would first have to deposit bitcoin on THEIR site. Which too me if you need guns this site is a COMPLETE waste of time. AND as always I out screenshots below.

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The Basics of Terminating Human Life Part 6: Garrote and How to Make a .22 Zip Gun

Saturday, September 9th, 2017

The Basics of Terminating Human Life Part 6: Garrote and How to Make a .22 Zip Gun

Garrote Kill

When ambushing from behind you can use several methods to neutralize the subject. The method I will talk about is strangulation.

The weapon used will be a garrote wire (piano cord or metal wire will do). It has a length of about two feet long. Wrap the ends of the wire around your fists and grip the central position with the thumbs.

Some say cross the garrote, this only complicates the attack and makes it less likely to succeed. Drop the garrote over the enemy’s head and pull back with both hands, exerting enough pressure to force the enemy backwards.

They will try to seize the garrote to relieve the pressure. This method attacks the trachea, preventing outcry, as well as shutting off the blood flow to the brain. Continue exerting pressure with the arms, crossing your fists behind the enemy’s neck.

Drive the knee upward into the small of their back, breaking the spine. To finish him off twist to the right, dropping him face down, then sit on top of their back with your knee until they cease to struggle.

.22 zip gun (pen gun)
(Source: unknown)

WARNING: This was not written nor tested by the author, reader assumes all responsibilities for what happens when built and used.

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Guide to Stealing Cars “The 1990’s Way”

Friday, July 21st, 2017

This file is a little update on modern car theft. With many people buying car alarms it has become harder to steal cars. You see a nice car with a good system in it and more then likely it has an alarm installed. A new way to steal a car is called “Jackin”. Jackin’ started in urban areas and has spread to suburban areas. Jackin’ is the theft of a car with the owner in it. Sound dangerous?

There are a few ways to jack a car from someone. One of the ways was made famous in a recent rap song. Jack someones car right at a fast food restaurant drive through. Just walk up and make them exit the car.

Ask them to get out and if they don’t yank them out. Then hop in and take off. Make sure the place doesn’t have a rent-a-cop watching the lot. Read the rest of this entry »

Art of Hunting People at Night

Saturday, June 24th, 2017



Sinister X, Agent Cyclone, Drug Lord

First off i would like to welcome you to another file by Ultra. We only have three members currently and we are working hard to bring you original files to expand your knowledge on certain subjects. This file is some basic things you can do to enjoy life more. Just use your common sense to apply what you see here to real life.

Killing ——-

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Guide to Steal From ATMs in The 1990s

Friday, June 2nd, 2017


NOTE: There has been a few files written about how to ‘RIP OFF’ ATM’s of  some sort but this file will not contain technical shit on the card tracks or a xxxyyyooo17ss type of format. This text will tell you how to rip off ATM’s without all of that technical stuff that you can’t really use because most of the stuff are too hard. So I give you methods on how you can defeat ATM’s with things you may or may not need to pay a-lot for! This file is real unlike a file I came across that a user uploaded on Blitzkrieg called KRAD#1 which I feel was written by 10year olds. That file is totally SHIT! Now there was a-lot of Valid writers on the subject of ATM’s but I feel they were on the subject of PINs & PANs which is very hard to do right. Read the rest of this entry »

Guide to Making Money Scamming Told by Prisoners

Wednesday, May 31st, 2017

      America is the land of opportunity – everyone knows that. Unfortunately, for a growing number of Americans, it is also the land of swindles, scams, cons and frauds. According to a recent Louis Harris Poll, 9 out of 10 Americans are hit by scammers each year. We are all susceptible to scams. This is the reason for publishing ScamNews, an informative, entertaining newsletter designed to show you how these fraudulent activities are perpetrated on the public. The material we have chosen to use comes from many sources, including the following:

. Real con artists, men and women, who reveal the secrets behind their plans to relieve you of your money and otherassets.

. Criminals in prison. We talk to people behind bars who tell of scams and fraud that led to their prison time. Some of their scams are old, some are as recent as the 6 o’clock news.

. Prosecutors, police, judges and attorneys.

We describe law citings from cases of scammers caught in the act. They give descriptions of the crimes, sentences received, and potential profit as well as potential loss to the victims. The final two sections will come from the readers. Business Scams will be from people who have been encouraged to swindle consumers as part of their job ‘duties’. While many of these practices are borderline legal, the majority are not. As one business owner put it bluntly, “Every dollar out of your pocket is a dollar in mine.” Reader Stories is as the name implies. Material is supplied by the average consumer and/or swindler. We encourage readers who have been victimized by scams and con- artists to write their own stories and submit them. While it probably won’t get you your money back, it may help save someone else from being conned. ScamNews is especially interested in getting stories from people who have committed cons. After all, that is where it begins.

We realize, of course, that not everyone who has pulled off a scam is a career shyster. Some do it out of financial need and it’s a one-time shot, others are inadvertently conned into helping a pro do his thing. These stories are written and edited for our readers’ protection. Names are never used except with the subject’s permission or in cases that have been resolved in the courts. Read the rest of this entry »

The Coward’s Guide to Self-Defense

Friday, May 26th, 2017

           First of all, if you think that this is another one of those macho
self-defense karate martial art articles which will teach you how to kick butt
like Bruce Lee in only 10 minutes (or however long it takes you to read this),
then you have another thing coming.

    Let me explain right off the bat that I have no intention of teaching you
how to defend yourself in the event that you are actually in the situation of

c)viciously insulted
d)whistled at
e)all of the above
f)none of the above

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An Introduction to: Interrogation Techniques ( for Phun and Profit)

Friday, May 26th, 2017

An Introduction to: Interrogation Techniques ( for Phun and Profit)


By The ZED/NET Writer #1

 It is easy to intercept transmissions-but the human brain is still one of the
safest places to keep information.  This phile will help you pull information
from the bodies greatest fortress.


 Pain used to be the most popular sort of interrigation.  The thumb screw and
the rack were famous for “loosening a strong man’s tongue.” Pain, however, is a
two-edged weapon.  Its infliction may be able to bring quick results– but a
victim pushed to extremes of pain may babble anything his questioners wish to
hear.  Torture can also harden a few individuals.  They may resist until death,
or prove poor exhibits at a subsequent trial.  Also torture can bring about
negative propaganda towards the torturer.

The Five S’s

 1.  Stop and search. At checkpoints or randomn searches, clothing is checked
of weapons, and people are checked against photos to see if they are the
suspects being searched for. Read the rest of this entry »

Everything a Hacker Needs to Know About Getting Busted By The Feds Part 1: Federal Criminal Law

Tuesday, May 23rd, 2017
   Written By Agent Steal (From Federal Prison, 1997)
      Internet E-mail,
      Contributions and editing by Minor Threat and Netta Gilboa
      Special thanks to Evian S. Sim
This article may be freely reproduced, in whole or in part, provided
acknowledgments are given to the author. Any reproduction for profit, lame
zines, (that means you t0mmy, el8, you thief) or law enforcement use is
prohibited. The author and contributors to this phile in no way advocate
criminal behavior.

   A. Relevant Conduct
   B. Preparing for Trial
   C. Plea Agreements and Attorneys
   D. Conspiracy
   E. Sentencing
   F. Use of Special Skill
   G. Getting Bail
   H. State v. Federal Charges
   I. Cooperating
   J. Still Thinking About Trial
   K. Search and Seizure
   L. Surveillance
   M. Presentence Investigation
   N. Proceeding Pro Se
   O. Evidentiary Hearing
   P. Return of Property
   Q. Outstanding Warrants
   R. Encryption
   A. State v. Federal
   B. Security Levels
   C. Getting Designated
   D. Ignorant Inmates
   E. Population
   F. Doing Time
   G. Disciplinary Action
   H. Administrative Remedy
   I. Prison Officials
   J. The Hole
   K. Good Time
   L. Halfway House
   M. Supervised Release

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