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.Onion Site: Berlusconi Market (Credit Cards, Hacking, AK47s, & Cocaine)

Monday, May 14th, 2018

.Onion Site: Berlusconi Market (Credit Cards, Hacking, AK47s, & Cocaine)

Berlusconi Market is a really cool market on the darkweb and they consist of vendors that sells all types of illegal goods and services you can think of. The great thing about this market is that they have a Monero escrow account or so it seems.
Now I have never bought anything from the darkweb but I have done enough research to know that Monero is the cryptocurrency you’ll want to use when you are placing orders on the darkweb, instead of bitcoin.

Monero has probably the best cryptographic guarantee of privacy, namely the untraceability of transactions, privacy of wallet balances and fungibility.

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.Onion Site: Queen of Cards (Carding Site)

Thursday, February 1st, 2018
Now I have to say that I am impressed with this site. It seems to have a very large and active community unlike the other carding websites on the darkweb. It is a place to buy and sell credit cards, DUMPS, Bank accounts with balances. Amazon Gift card codes, Pre-paid Credit cards, and ect.

This was referred to me by a guy on reddit and even though I dont buy this kind of shit on the darkweb. I have had mixed reviews on this website some people say its a scam. And I wont buy them myself because I like keeping my hands clean. I have to say that there are a lot of people on Queen of Cards. So who knows maybe its legit.  I do not condone anything Illegal but if you do happen to go use a VPN and comment below your experience. Read the rest of this entry »

The Illegal Guide to Credit Card Verifications Part 1: Create Your Own Credit Card Numbers

Sunday, September 10th, 2017

The Illegal Guide to Credit Card Verifications Part 1: Create Your Own Credit Card Numbers

Subject: Bypassing just about ANY online credit card verification method with credit card numbers you generated.                                                                                                 Description: How to use it, common security measures used AND the formula to creating your own.

When it’s usable: If you want to get something.

What the nice possibility is: I forget.

What the evil possibility is: Register all those 30-day trial programs you have. NOTE: this has been written in an very detailed manner, so if you don’t get it, then you might not be as smart as you think you are. Read the rest of this entry »

How to Use Your MCI Card And Not Get Caught

Saturday, September 9th, 2017


Ok. Your MCI card # is ………….. this card will not last long so please abuse the fuck out of it while you have it. Here’s what to do.

First dial “0” and wait for the operator. Tell her that the “2” is broken on your phone. Then ask her to please connect you to 1-800-950-1022.

She will say ok or whatever and you will hear it ringing. When it picks up you will hear a tone for about 3 seconds.

After the tone, Enter 06105551212 to test it. If you don’t want to test it and you want to use it right away, just dial 0, the area code and number you want to call.

After you are done this, You will hear another 3 second tone.

Now dial in the MCI card number above. You will dial in ALL 14 DIGITS of the card. Pin included. After this you will hear two short tones and it will ring.

If this happens then the card is working. If you get a short message saying re-enter your card # then it is invalid or you screwed up entering it the first time.

Try it again and if it says please hold for the MCI operator than hang up!

The card will last for 3 days at the minimum to 1 year at the max (Only if the card owner is really stupid though) Now you have a valid MCI card.


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.onion Site: Tochka Market (DarkNet Website)

Monday, July 3rd, 2017
Tochka Market is an another Darknet Marketplace which focuses on security, usability and social components. They are Russian origin that has been operating since 2015. This is the only market who offers “dead drop” option from vendor. This means that the information between you and the vendors are highly secured without meeting each other.

Tochka Market URL: http://tochka3evlj3sxdv.onion/.

Tochka Forum: http://tochka3evlj3sxdv.onion/board

This Tochka Market is for the purpose of buying and selling drugs or other related items. It is a small market and is said to be a very small marketplace among other markets. Tochka Market is targeting European and North American people. The product which is available in Tochka Market are almost an illegal drugs such as malware, drugs, counterfeits, digital items and fraud related e-books.

In Tochka Market, you have a feature called ‘Instant Trade’ where you don’t need to communicate with your vendor when you try to buy or sell items from them. Without any interaction, you can buy and sell stuffs instantly. Read the rest of this entry »

Guide: The Art of Carding From the inFECTion Cookbook

Sunday, June 18th, 2017

Guide: The Art of Carding From the inFECTion Cookbook

Obtaining a credit card number: There are many ways to obtain the information needed to card something. The most important things needed are the card number and the expiration date. Having the card-holders name doesn’t hurt, but it is not essential. The absolute best way to obtain all the information needed is by trashing. The way this is done is simple. You walk around your area or any other area and find a store, mall, supermarket, etc., that throws their garbage outside on the sidewalk or dumpster. Rip the bag open and see if you can find any carbons at all. If you find little shreds of credit card carbons, then it is most likely not worth your time to tape together.

Find a store that does not rip their carbons at all or only in half. Another way is to bullshit the number out of someone.

That is call them up and say “Hello, this is Visa security and we have a report that your card was stolen.”

They will deny it and you will try to get it out of them from that point on.

You could say, “It wasn’t stolen? Well what is the expiration date and maybe we can fix the problem…. Ok and what is the number on your card?……Thank you very much and have a nice day.” Or think of something to that degree.

Another way to get card numbers is through systems such as TRW and CBI, this is the hard way, and probably not worth the trouble, unless you are an expert on the system. Using credit card numbers posted on BBS’s is risky. The only advantage is that there is a good chance that other people will use it, thus decreasing the chances of being the sole-offender. The last method of getting numbers is very good also. In most video rental stores, they take down your credit card number when you join to back-up your rentals. So if you could manage to steal the list or make a copy of it, then you are set for a LONG time. Read the rest of this entry »

Buying Credit Cards on the Darknet

Tuesday, June 13th, 2017

Contributed by Mark.

Have you ever seen credit card marketplaces on deep web? Of course you have! But all of them are fake scam sites, yeah? Basically that’s right, but believe it or not, there are some legit sites too. I spent 3 months researching and got a lot interesting information that I wanted to share with you.


How does credit card fraud works?

There are multiple ways for getting the cards. Most known way is stealing card data with card skimmer and recording card PIN with some “spy”camera. Card vendor inserts card data trough specific programs on card chip or stripe. Less known way is to partnership with card owner and sell working card duplicate to client. Because it happened due bank security breach, bank refunds money to card owner and everybody gets profit. Yet, there are still many other ways for card fraud. Read the rest of this entry »

Basic Instructions to Carding By The DEA

Tuesday, June 6th, 2017

DEA PHILE NUMBER ONE! Welcome to the first of many DEA text philes. We at the DEA are committed to bringing you the highest quality, easiest to understand, most useful and interesting text philes! As most other groups have fallen apart, we are the group of the ’90s. Our homey board is Terminal Hallucinations, at 213/207-3145, now 14.4k bps, 200megs, active message bases! We hope to bring you much more fun and entertainment in the decade ahead! – DEA

d i s c l a i m e r

Neither the DEA nor the author of this phile encourage you to actually do what is described in this file. It is, of course, for educational purposes only!



Carding is the very best way to get things totally free of charge. It’s also the best way to get sued for literally thousands of dollars. The careful carder would read this entire phile, and then make the right decision. To card, or not to card?

Getting The Card Number

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