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The Art of “Breaking and Entering”

Tuesday, July 25th, 2017

By Laughing Gas

Yes, there’s an art to it… Breaking and Entering… There’s more than just smashing a window, reaching inside, unlocking the latch, climbing in, grabbing a radio, and a wallet, and climbing out. And there are more reasons for breaking and entering than just grabbing a radio and a wallet, although that is one good reason… but not necessarily the most fun or the most rewarding.

For example.. say you found a telco station, and you wanna ‘borrow’ some things… But wait… whats in that large box…. shit, you can’t move it, can’t open it.. Sheesh.. and you really smashed up that door, theres no way you’ll be able to come back.. Well, thats an opportunity lost.

DDD “Preface”.

That’s what this file is for, to teach you how to get into a building, locked container, or whatever, with minimal damage, noise, and signs of entry. First thing to know. Always wear gloves.

I dont care what the situation is, wear gloves. Don’t were thick winter/ski gloves either, wear, when possible thin tight gloves. If you have to take off the gloves to do something, and you’re breaking into something where this would be nessicary, be careful not to leave finger prints. Read the rest of this entry »