Synthwave Review: Sunset Ride – LOVERBOY (Single Track TEASER)

Saturday, May 11th, 2019

(Single Track TEASER)

Sunset Ride – LOVERBOY

by Sunset Ride

This is an experimental Vaporwave Synthwave single by Sunset Ride from Cityman Productions Label. LOVERBOY is the first single from the upcoming album called Sunset Ride.

This single will take you on a journey to an electronic 8-bit cruise. The synths starts off slow building up the next chorus. Then you hear the piano blending seamlessly with the synths It’s more of an upbeat chill kinda sound to it. I suggest you will should play this song during the night. Thats what I feel you will appreciate to music more. 

I cant wait for the full album to come out. In the meantime listen to the single below until the full album arrives. And also check out Cityman Productions other albums.

Cityman Production”s Social Media Links


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