Synthwave Review: RHYTHMICAL PATTERNS by リズム


Artist: リズム

RHYTHMICAL PATTERNS is an album that I have been playing on repeat for quite sometime now when I first heard it on this month’s vaporwave producer thread. This album is kinda has a mixed synthwave centric sound and was released on June 5th, 2019.

The vibe I got from the album is like a CSI detective soundtrack. It is really cool but with some hidden gems mixed in and there is one depressing song. Now all of it is synthwave, it has some ambience jazz and a pinch of slushed lyrics.

CHILL– When I started to play the song I was immediately immersed in the flow of the synths fading in and out. It made me feel like i’m in an ocean of music flowing through my body feeling the transcendence in my mind.

What I can visualize is swimming underwater through a dark blue ocean with purple skies and sentient dolphins swimming all around me. Throughout the song it gives a slow slush vibe and plays well during summer pool jams.

? – This song in the album is more jazzy CSI detective feel to it. It has a certain charm mixed with the drums, piano and synths. It has a certain mood that gives you the feeling that this would be playing in the background of a hotshot detective TV show.

Credits displaying the actors and producers. And silhouettes of women featured on the side of the screen.

?? – This is a short one and has a pretty upbeat ring to it. The shift in the middle is what really makes this song especially mixed with the guitar.

oKay – This one has a very different vibe from the rest of the songs on the album. It’s more quiet and starts off kinda depressing and slow. It has an ambient and surreal sound to it and empathizes on the piano.

If you are feeling down you may want to hear this and to let it all out.

JAZZ – Now we are getting back to the pace of the album. It’s faster than the rest though still with a CSI feel to it. But this one feels like it marks the ending of the show.

I can see the hotshot detective has just cracked a big case and now has to come back home in an empty house with no one to love.

But one little issue about this album, I felt like it ended abruptly and changed to the next song. It should have been longer.

CTRL+ALT+DEL – The last song of the album starts off with fasted pace electronica and slows down with smooth piano. It is supposed to give you a sense of peace and begins to bring it up with a little bit of jazz.

Overall this is a wonderful album that I will keep playing on repeat. My favorite song of the album is CHILL. Gives me the most satisfaction. If you want to talk with artist he is also a member of the Macintosh Cafe too and hangs around here a lot! If you have a different opinion then sign up and let me know here!

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