How to Use Your MCI Card And Not Get Caught

Saturday, September 9th, 2017


Ok. Your MCI card # is ………….. this card will not last long so please abuse the fuck out of it while you have it. Here’s what to do.

First dial “0” and wait for the operator. Tell her that the “2” is broken on your phone. Then ask her to please connect you to 1-800-950-1022.

She will say ok or whatever and you will hear it ringing. When it picks up you will hear a tone for about 3 seconds.

After the tone, Enter 06105551212 to test it. If you don’t want to test it and you want to use it right away, just dial 0, the area code and number you want to call.

After you are done this, You will hear another 3 second tone.

Now dial in the MCI card number above. You will dial in ALL 14 DIGITS of the card. Pin included. After this you will hear two short tones and it will ring.

If this happens then the card is working. If you get a short message saying re-enter your card # then it is invalid or you screwed up entering it the first time.

Try it again and if it says please hold for the MCI operator than hang up!

The card will last for 3 days at the minimum to 1 year at the max (Only if the card owner is really stupid though) Now you have a valid MCI card.


Ok. This is simple. MCI has this thing called an ANI. An ANI is an Automatic Number Identification.

This is very important. If you call from your home phone without using “0”, MCI will look up your ANI to see if it is a hacked account. This is why “0” must be dialed.

I have tried this method and it is 100% untraceable.

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