Multi-Level Marketing Scam Stories

Saturday, May 20th, 2017

Compiled list of users with MLM and stories of how your friends or people you know that got into one of them.

Firebird » Thu Mar 24, 2016 7:18 pm

my friend has been “working” at one of these scams and has had at least 5 attempts to recruit me that have all ended in heated arguments
I uh made money but I don’t know how much in total
well you’ve never worked there so you don’t know it’s bullshit
This is owning your own business! (Couldn’t explain how working under somebody counts as owning your own business.)

Cutoff ANYONE associated with this shit unless you like stress, ignore shills Obviously nobody is making 6 figures but people still do fall for this junk.

nooselover » Mon May 09, 2016 6:41 am

Looking at my FB newsfeed and this girl I went to high school with has constant photos of her and her family at these business conventions with endless motivational quotes selling to “find your own success”. Basically sounds like bullshit.

I had experience before with Vector and that Cutco shit so I knew this was fishy before I even asked. Got curious so I asked. Apparently her family had been working with “ACN Canada”, a “leading provider of essential services”. Basically in all her posts its all about how her and her team want to “help people find success” and “share wealth with a team”, etc, etc.

So I asked her what it was all about. She said we needed to meet up and chat about it. She also said its “an opportunity I cannot miss”. She explains how the company works: you ONLY have to pay $500 as a start up fee with the company, you get friends and family to sign up for services like phone bills, internet bills, cable, etc, with you under ACN, and thus every time your friend pays for their monthly bill, part of it goes to you. Sounds great? There’s more.

Every time you get new people (or several) to sign up with ACN (again, pay the $500) you gain a ranking within the company and apparently make more money. However, it is on YOU to find new customers, harass your family and friends to join/sign up for services.

I said I’m probably not interested but thanked her for meeting with me. She didn’t stop calling me for 2 weeks after the meeting – almost daily, telling me that I’m missing out.

Then I look online for ACN scam and TONS of people are shitting on this company saying that most people that gain, will never make that $500 back. There are apparently tons of hidden fees such as something like $10 a person for weekly meetings, hundreds for training conventions around the USA that members pay their OWN MONEY FOR, not to mention hotel bills, travelling, etc.

Basically ACN is a gigantic scam and it’s a shame that people still believe in these schemes in 2016.

kamal » Mon May 09, 2016 6:51 am

Got pitched on some MLM energy drink company back when I first got out of college; got my first job, went back to visit some friends for a weekend, and my friend’s brother was a hustler trying to peddle his drink bullshit on me when I was wasted as fuck and trying to get laid.

He badgered me for like 10 minutes about this bullshit, and I finally told him if he didn’t shut the fuck up about his bullshit pyramid scheme and leave with his skanky-ass middle-aged girlfriend, I was gonna punch him in the face.

He gave me some shit about disrespecting his gf and I came back with him disrespecting my intelligence with his bullshit get-rich-quick scheme. Walked away from the dude, never heard from him again.

Wonder how that whole thing worked out for him, desu. I bet he’s sucking shit on the back end of that debt he put himself in.

Yorkzz » Mon May 09, 2016 6:59 am

be 17
just graduated HS need job
vector marketing cutco ad in newspaper
make $17/hr
no experience needed
students welcome
come to x place for interview
go to interview
20-30 middle aged//young people there
most wearing suits
fuck I didnt even dress nice
shown demo that cutco knives can cut string while other knives struggle to cut string
audience is wowed
interviewed 3 at a time in an office
I sit in middle to show the interviewer I am alpha male
asked to rate ourselves 1-10 on different aspects
I confidently rate myself 10 on everything while the betas give themselves 5s or 6s
interviewer selects me to go forth into the echelons of vector associates while the plebs get rejected
show up next day
there’s pizza
we are writing things with markers in groups
get explained that WE provide the clients
no way im selling this shit to my uncle/grampa they would laugh at me
get up and leave once i realize they never asked for my SIN number (canada)
MLM not even once

Polaroid » Mon May 16, 2016 5:51 am

Primerica offers an internship at UIC and I was about to do it my freshman year but this girl told me it was a scam and don’t fall for it. Ever since I’ve been warning people the same thing. If you Youtube search “Premerica Scam” you’ll literally get nothing but scripted “testimonials” and “reviews” on Premerica disguised as click bait such as >”Is Premerica a scam?!?!”. Not to mention a extensive shitty flame-war against redpilled people debating legitimacy against possibly brainwashed reps or actual Premericca shils.

The videos are literally fucking scripted, and a whiteboard EVERY FUCKING TIME.

>Due Diligence

This is what the script usually goes like:

1.You are probably watching this video because of 1 or 2 reasons:
A.Already in Primerica, thinking of quitting or getting better

Insert Disclaimer Here: (“I am not an affiliate, unbiased review”)

B.Introduced to Primerica by Friend,Family, or doodillegence

2.What is Primerica?
1.It’s totally “legit”! NOT A SCAM.
3.Invests, Sells Life Insurance,Financial

Insert weasel story here: (It’s a great opportunity, i was broke, it wasn’t for me, i used to work for them at some point)

4.How does it work

2.Laser Targeting Rockets Leads
3.95% people quit
5. Warm market

Click the link below for find out how to make 6 figures today blah blah blah

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