Japanese Trader Turns $13,000 into $250,000,000 In Eight Years

Wednesday, May 31st, 2017

CIS: Turned $10,000 into $150,000,000 in ten years.
BNF/Takashi Kotegawa: Turned $13,000 into $250,000,000 in eight years ($208,000,000 in some reports).

I’ve been studying both of these guys as much as I can. BNF was CIS’ colleague and mentor at one point. I can’t find much intricate detail on their strategies, even when poorly translating what others have said about them in Japanese. BNF disappeared a long time ago and is rarely, if at all, heard from anywhere. He has always been a loner, rarely leaves his house, and only eats cup of noodles.

If someone who speaks and reads Japanese could find some of their old blogs or 2chan posts and translate their strategies, tips, and methods correctly (auto-translate services can’t do shit with Japanese), I would totally HNNNG. There are also tens of videos on YouTube of BNF trading and explaining how he does it, but they are all of course in Japanese. All I know is that he swing trades. I’ve already seen all the English info I can find. Anyone with any info, especially if you speak/read Japanese, please share.

It seems to me that in order to succeed at daytrading, you really have to feel like it is just a game. The moment you fear losing money, you’re gonna end up fucked. This guy, it seems to me, is juggling numbers. Stocks aren’t pieces of companies to this guy, they’re a ticker which has a monetary value assigned to it. A blip on his screen. I also feel that he views money in a completely different light than the rest of us mere mortals. It’s just numbers in an account to him. Props to him, but I doubt I have the ability or mental fortitude to pull stunts like this.

And Let’s not forget CIS (meaning “death” in Japanese). He learned a lot from BNF but trades in a very different way. Here he is appearing on a gameshow, with his identity hidden. He fears extortion, robbery, and attempts on his life and his family’s life.

In addition to making $150 million in ten years (one interviewer close to him said it’s more like $180 million), he also made $34,000,000 in only a couple days last year in one of the most beautiful trades ever.

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