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Wednesday, June 21st, 2017

Below is a post from Undesirable.Info it is an experiment I did on complaint letters. I have just finished my complaint letter, it is directed at Heineken, below you can read my letter. Offcourse I wrote the original one in Dutch for obvious reasons:

From: Your name

Your street

Your town

To: Heineken complaint department

Dear Sir/Madam,

When on friday afternoon August the 1st, I was in my garden about to relax with a Heineken beer but after a few nips of my beer I felt something “weird” in my mouth, luckily I hadn’t swallowed it yet so I spit it out. To my horror I saw it was a piece of glass! This piece of glass didn’t belong to the bottle I was drinking from since that bottle was completely intact. I have a photo of the piece of glass as proof:

I have also taken a picture of the back of the beer bottle containing information that could be usefull to you:

I hope this information helps you solve this problem, also I would like compenstation for what has happend, becouse if I had swallowed the glass I would be likely to have ended up in the hospital. I am not sure if I should report this to Consumers Alliance, I look forward to your reply.

With kind regards,

Your name

That was my letter, below you can see a photo of my letter, a floppy disk containing the photo’s, the backside of the bottle (paper) and last but not least: the piece of glass I used.

I have mailed it today, but I don’t know when to expect a answer back from them. But when I get an answer, and hopefully a bunch of goodies, I will let you know.

Below are the results: Whoohoo! I got a box from the Heineken company today I have taken 3 photo’s of the stuff they send me, but ill list them first:

1: A letter in which they apologize

2: A little box with 12 Heineken glasses.

3: A weir bottle opener (the green thing on the photo)

4: And if I supply my bank account number they will transfer 10.79 Euro’s to my account (the price of a crate of Heineken)

Here you see all the goodies, on the left you see the letter I received, in the middle you see the box with the Heineken glasses (there are also 2 glasses in front of it), and on the right you see the weird bottle opener. Now here under I will translate the letter I received from them:


  Dear Sir,

You wrote us a letter about a bottle of Heineken beer, in which you found also a piece of glasss instead of beer. We offer you our sincere apologies.

This is offcourse not the way it is ment to be. Every bottle when it is returned to the brewery is thoroughly cleaned. They go several times through a washing machine in which they are cleaned with hot soda water. After this process the bottles are checked with special equipment to see if nothing is left behind. That after all these preventive measures your bottle got through this is offcourse not acceptable. We take your letter very seriously and you can be assured that we have taken the necasery precoutions to make sure that this never happens again. After all Heineken is known for its quality, and there musn’t be any doubt about that.

We appreciate that you have taken the effort to inform us of this problem and for this we give you a gift. (the stuff listed above, Dutch) And we also offer you a refund of 10.79 Euro if you supply us with your bank acount number. Greetings, Heineken brewery’s

This worked quitte well, I only expected they would send some gifts, but they also offer to transfer 10.79 euro’s to me.

I like it. 10.79 Euro is about 12 Us Dollars.

If you do this to a dozen company’s a week you can get alot of free stuff and sometimes even refunds.

PS. All the letters there were translated from dutch into english, so there may be some spelling errors.


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