Once A Gun Runner: The Efraim Diveroli Memoir

Sunday, February 5th, 2017


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Efraim Diveroli always knew what he wanted to be when he grew up – an international arms dealer. From the time he was a young Jewish Orthodox kid growing up in Miami Beach, he loved guns. Dropping out of high school in the 9th grade and shipped off to Los Angeles, he started working as a stock boy and apprentice salesperson for his uncle’s police supply business at age 14. He proved a quick study, and by 16, he was selling guns, ammo, and tactical equipment to local law enforcement.

Eventually, he moved back to Miami, took over a shell company his father had once incorporated called AEY, Inc. And starting with nothing more than a laptop, a cell phone, and a water bong (and some weed), Diveroli quickly gained success beyond his years by supplying everything from goggles to grenades – mostly to his biggest customer – the U.S. Government. By age 18, Diveroli had become a self-made millionaire. This was his American dream. At the age of 21, Diveroli became the government’s go-to-guy when his company beat out giant Fortune 500 companies to win a massive, nearly $300 million contract with the Pentagon to supply weapons and munitions for the U.S. Army and the allied security forces in their fight against Al Qaeda and the Taliban.

He effectively procured, managed and delivered colossal shipments of weapons and artillery into the war zone, mostly all while being either drunk, high, or coked-up… and sometimes all three – while living the excessive lifestyle of a rock star – until the government turned on him, and it all came crashing down.

In this memoir, Once A Gun Runner… gives you raw, intimate, and unadulterated access to the details and experiences, which made Efraim Diveroli the world’s youngest international arms dealer. This is his story!

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