Keyllama 4MB USB Value Keylogger


Sold by YOIDCO and Fulfilled by Amazon.
  • 4MB flash memory stores 2000 pages of text
  • Work great with all wired USB keyboards and work with all versions of Windows and Linux
  • No software or drivers needed
  • National keyboard layout support
  • Capable of recording ALL keys


KeyLlama records everything typed on a USB keyboard. Absolutely no software is required and KeyLlama is completely invisible to any software. The KeyLlama USB is the stealthiest hardware keylogger in existence – it is impossible to detect!

Unlike many other keyloggers, these work with both low and full-speed USB Keyboards. Most newer USB keyboards operate at “full-speed.” Most lower cost keyloggers do not work with full-speed keyboards. If they don’t specifically state it will work, it almost certainly won’t.

Note:The KeyLlama is invisible to the Operating System when installed. Only after you have entered the special key combination, the KeyLlama appears on your computer as a USB Flash Drive, with a file containing the recorded text.

KeyLlama USB Value
The KeyLlama USB is an advanced USB hardware keylogger with a 4MB of memory – A full year’s worth of typing! Everything typed on the USB keyboard is captured and stored on the internal Flash Drive in a special file. Text data may be retrieved on any computer with a USB port and keyboard. Data is accessed just like using a USB Flash drive.

*Huge memory capacity
*Compatible with all wired USB keyboards – Windows or Linux
*100% Stealthy
*No software or drivers required
*Quick and easy national keyboard layout support
*Ultra compact and discrete, extends just 1.6″ when plugged in
*64bit Encryption to help keep sensitive data safe
*Capable of recording ALL keys
*Made in the USA*

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