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Sunday, October 8th, 2017

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CIA Document: Alien Battle in Siberia

Saturday, September 30th, 2017
According to a top secret document posted on the official CIA website – 23 Russian soldiers died in a macabre way as a result of a battle with a group of 5 aliens in Siberia in 1993. The report stated the flying saucer had appeared over a military unit training in Siberia. One of the soldiers is then said to have taken it down with a surface-to-air missile. It said: “Five short humanoids with large heads and large black eyes got out.” Just two soldiers are said to have survived the encounter. The report claims five beings emerged from the crashed craft and joined together to form a ball of light which then exploded turning 23 soldiers ‘into stone’. The report reads: “the KGB report goes on to say that the remains of the ‘petrified soldiers’ were transferred to a secret research institution near Moscow.

Below is a PDF document of the report and a link to the CIA website

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sampled – 神聖なたわごと! // THIS IS VAPORWAVE | Vapor Mixtape

Monday, September 18th, 2017
sampled – 神聖なたわごと

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Jacking Cars (The Illegal way)

Sunday, September 10th, 2017

—- was ripped from a diskmag called Scenial issue 4 ( —–

So you wanna be a carthief? Start by taking on a good lawyer. And, eh, don’t steal a car when you are hitch hiking. Imagine this: a hospitable chauffeur stops to piss against a tree and the stupid moron leaves his keys on the ignition.

Resist to the seduction, because that man can give a personality description to the cops, and that can be fatal!

Don’t force the driver to get out of his car either, because that’s a violence delict or something, and that would make only make thing more complicated for your lawyer.

You get much more fun out of stealing a car when the owner is standing right next to it. For instance: you see a man waiting in his ’till the grass turns blue.

Get him out with some fake story (“Sir, I believe you have a flat tire”, works wonders). While he rushes to the back of his car to take a look at the catastrophe, you jump in his car and drive away. EVERYBODY leaves his keys on the ignition when he’s waiting for something.


When you see an unmanned car which you’d love to take for a drive, first of all, check if there’s a dog in it. If there is, forget about it! Dogs in cars are the best way to scare of thieves. Read the rest of this entry »

The Illegal Guide to Credit Card Verifications Part 1: Create Your Own Credit Card Numbers

Sunday, September 10th, 2017

The Illegal Guide to Credit Card Verifications Part 1: Create Your Own Credit Card Numbers

Subject: Bypassing just about ANY online credit card verification method with credit card numbers you generated.                                                                                                 Description: How to use it, common security measures used AND the formula to creating your own.

When it’s usable: If you want to get something.

What the nice possibility is: I forget.

What the evil possibility is: Register all those 30-day trial programs you have. NOTE: this has been written in an very detailed manner, so if you don’t get it, then you might not be as smart as you think you are. Read the rest of this entry »

How to Use Your MCI Card And Not Get Caught

Saturday, September 9th, 2017


Ok. Your MCI card # is ………….. this card will not last long so please abuse the fuck out of it while you have it. Here’s what to do.

First dial “0” and wait for the operator. Tell her that the “2” is broken on your phone. Then ask her to please connect you to 1-800-950-1022.

She will say ok or whatever and you will hear it ringing. When it picks up you will hear a tone for about 3 seconds.

After the tone, Enter 06105551212 to test it. If you don’t want to test it and you want to use it right away, just dial 0, the area code and number you want to call.

After you are done this, You will hear another 3 second tone.

Now dial in the MCI card number above. You will dial in ALL 14 DIGITS of the card. Pin included. After this you will hear two short tones and it will ring.

If this happens then the card is working. If you get a short message saying re-enter your card # then it is invalid or you screwed up entering it the first time.

Try it again and if it says please hold for the MCI operator than hang up!

The card will last for 3 days at the minimum to 1 year at the max (Only if the card owner is really stupid though) Now you have a valid MCI card.


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Pleasant Specter – 快い亡霊 OST (track lists)

Saturday, September 9th, 2017
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The Basics of Terminating Human Life Part 6: Garrote and How to Make a .22 Zip Gun

Saturday, September 9th, 2017

The Basics of Terminating Human Life Part 6: Garrote and How to Make a .22 Zip Gun

Garrote Kill

When ambushing from behind you can use several methods to neutralize the subject. The method I will talk about is strangulation.

The weapon used will be a garrote wire (piano cord or metal wire will do). It has a length of about two feet long. Wrap the ends of the wire around your fists and grip the central position with the thumbs.

Some say cross the garrote, this only complicates the attack and makes it less likely to succeed. Drop the garrote over the enemy’s head and pull back with both hands, exerting enough pressure to force the enemy backwards.

They will try to seize the garrote to relieve the pressure. This method attacks the trachea, preventing outcry, as well as shutting off the blood flow to the brain. Continue exerting pressure with the arms, crossing your fists behind the enemy’s neck.

Drive the knee upward into the small of their back, breaking the spine. To finish him off twist to the right, dropping him face down, then sit on top of their back with your knee until they cease to struggle.

.22 zip gun (pen gun)
(Source: unknown)

WARNING: This was not written nor tested by the author, reader assumes all responsibilities for what happens when built and used.

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Wednesday, August 23rd, 2017

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The Science of Opening Safes

Sunday, August 20th, 2017

by Eric The Red = = Tiger’s Lair (206)874-4115


Once the determined agent gains successful entry to the premises, he may find that some no good son-of-a-bitch has not only placed the necessary target in a locked and alarmed building, but has also employed a safe to help insure the virginity of the target materials.

A good agent will be prepared for such an eventuality by being armed with one or more possible opening methods, and necessary implements.

Success often depends on the degree of security offered, coupled with the age and make of the safe. Safes come in a wide variety of sizes and applications.

One can encounter wall, floor, or vault models of varying thickness and offering a wide variety of resistance to the determined agent. Most safes have at least one combination mechanism. Read the rest of this entry »