gal.exe – Heartless

Saturday, July 29th, 2017
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Journey to The Dark Net: Cannibal Cafe (Screen Shots)

Friday, July 28th, 2017

Link as been moved here so google wont block us for being too scary

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The Art of “Breaking and Entering”

Tuesday, July 25th, 2017

By Laughing Gas

Yes, there’s an art to it… Breaking and Entering… There’s more than just smashing a window, reaching inside, unlocking the latch, climbing in, grabbing a radio, and a wallet, and climbing out. And there are more reasons for breaking and entering than just grabbing a radio and a wallet, although that is one good reason… but not necessarily the most fun or the most rewarding.

For example.. say you found a telco station, and you wanna ‘borrow’ some things… But wait… whats in that large box…. shit, you can’t move it, can’t open it.. Sheesh.. and you really smashed up that door, theres no way you’ll be able to come back.. Well, thats an opportunity lost.

DDD “Preface”.

That’s what this file is for, to teach you how to get into a building, locked container, or whatever, with minimal damage, noise, and signs of entry. First thing to know. Always wear gloves.

I dont care what the situation is, wear gloves. Don’t were thick winter/ski gloves either, wear, when possible thin tight gloves. If you have to take off the gloves to do something, and you’re breaking into something where this would be nessicary, be careful not to leave finger prints. Read the rest of this entry »

.Onion Site: Secret StoreHouse

Friday, July 21st, 2017

Here is a website found on the dark net called Secret Storehouse. It is a simple website where you can choose to either read a secret or share a secret. I took some screenshots of the strangest secrets I found. It gets boring after awhile but it is worth a try to vent anomouysly of your deepest darkest secrets.  Here is the Read the rest of this entry »

Guide to Stealing Cars “The 1990’s Way”

Friday, July 21st, 2017

This file is a little update on modern car theft. With many people buying car alarms it has become harder to steal cars. You see a nice car with a good system in it and more then likely it has an alarm installed. A new way to steal a car is called “Jackin”. Jackin’ started in urban areas and has spread to suburban areas. Jackin’ is the theft of a car with the owner in it. Sound dangerous?

There are a few ways to jack a car from someone. One of the ways was made famous in a recent rap song. Jack someones car right at a fast food restaurant drive through. Just walk up and make them exit the car.

Ask them to get out and if they don’t yank them out. Then hop in and take off. Make sure the place doesn’t have a rent-a-cop watching the lot. Read the rest of this entry »

The Phishing Guide Part 5: Observing Customer Data

Friday, July 21st, 2017

An old favorite amongst the hacker community and becoming increasingly popular amongst Phishers, key-loggers and screen-grabbers can be used to observe confidential customer data as it is entered into a web-based application. This information is collected locally and typically retrieved through by attacker through the following different methods:

• Continuous streaming of data (i.e. data is sent as soon as it is generated) using a custom data sender/receiver pair. To do this, the attacker must often keep a connection open to the customer’s computer.

• Local collection and batching of information for upload to the attacker’s server. This may be done through protocols such as FTP, HTTP, SMTP, etc.

• Backdoor collection by the attacker. The observation software allows the attacker to connect remotely to the customer’s machine and pull back the data as and when required.


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The Basics of Terminating Human Life Part 3: Edged and Piercing Weapons

Thursday, July 20th, 2017

The Basics of Terminating Human Life Part 3: Edged and Piercing Weapons

Although firearms, are usually the most desirable weapons to employ in making a hit. Knives are excellent weapons as well. Their silence is the best thing about them. The
worst part is the closeness to the target.


Because of the intimacy of the knife and the need for closeness to the target, this is not one of the most popular forms of assassination. Feeling a marks body squirm in agony, feeling warm blood on one’s face, clothing, hands, etc., and viewing the terrified, desperate eyes of the target as he struggles frantically and hysterically against one’s
attempt to take his life is a very hard thing for anyone to deal with.


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UltraFunk Fantasy by || VAPERROR

Thursday, July 20th, 2017



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Phreaking: Black Box Plans From The INFECTion Cookbook

Wednesday, July 19th, 2017


At any given time, the voltage running through your phone is about 20 Volts. When someone calls you, this voltage goes up to 48 Volts and rings the bell. When you answer, the voltage goes down to about 10 Volts. The phone company pays attention to this. When the voltage drops to 10, they start billing the person who called you.


The Black Box keeps the voltage going through your phone at 36 Volts, so that it never reaches 10 Volts. The phone company is thus fooled into thinking you never answered the phone and does not bill the caller. However, after about a half hour the phone company will get suspicious and disconnect your line for about 10 seconds.


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Urban Legend: Lolita Slave Toys

Wednesday, July 19th, 2017

Note from Site Owner: This is a very Disturbing read and (NSFW) this story have been around the internet for a long time and it is more than likely fake but to think that someone would take the time and write this up is disturbing. The original screenshot where I got this from will be below the story. It was written by a man who claims to be a surgeon with the username “pussymonster” in an unknown website.

I create Lolita Slave Toys. In case you are wondering what I mean, it is very simple: I transform young girls in easy, manageable sex toys. That’s it. The girls can not walk away, can not resist, can not tell anything; they are just there for your sadistic amusement. Curious how? Read the rest of this entry »

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