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Sunday, July 9th, 2017

Warning About Hansa IMPORTANT

The cool thing about the Hansa Market is that this market doesn’t have any direct control over your vendor’s Bitcoin. Hansa Market is built with the Multi-signature wallet system. This system prevents vendors and site staff to access the deposited bitcoins until the buyer finalizes the transaction. This means that the transaction is not controlled by the Hansa Market. If you are not interested in multi-signature, then you may choose between 2-3 or 2-2 multisig for the buyer, staff, and seller.

Hansa Market differs from the other Dark Web markets because You can buy several different product services like Lab supplies, Digital goods, Erotica, Jewelry, Services, Electronics, Counterfeits, Security, Hosting, Miscellaneous, Guides, and Tutorials. Also at this time of writing this Alpha Bay was shut down and a lot of AlhpaBay “Refugees” are moving to the Hansa Market. That means they are being bombarded with registrations. On their website they are saying that they are not accepting new register users until further notice but you can still check out their website here. Hansa Market URL http://hansamkt2rr6nfg3.onion

Hansa Market Product Listing

Drugs 20582

  • Cannabis 7670
  • Alcohol & Tobacco 26
  • Opioids 602
  • Steroids 845
  • Psychedelics 1648
  • Prescription 1732
  • Stimulants 2999
  • Ecstasy 3081
  • Weight Loss 79
  • Benzos 1241
  • Other 35
  • Dissociatives 370
  • Paraphernalia 151
  • Harm Reduction 71
  • Lab Supplies 32

Fraud Related 2159

  • Accounts & Drops 913
  • Dumps 125
  • Cards & CVV 376
  • Documents & Data

Guides & Tutorials 3621

  • Fraud 1340
  • Drugs 408
  • Security 668
  • Hacking 544
  • Other

Services 1569

  • IDs & Passports 598
  • Hacking 481
  • Malware & Botnets 87
  • Cash-Out Services 67
  • Other

Jewellery 69

Digital Goods 12520

  • Software 520
  • E-Books 8313
  • Entertainment 599
  • Leaks & Databases 2155
  • Other

Erotica 1397

Counterfeits 764

  • Accessories 379
  • Apparel 75
  • Money 187
  • Other 123

Electronics 46

  • Devices & Equipment 5
  • SIM Cards 26
  • Other 15

Security & Hosting 102

  • Hosting 27
  • VPN 56
  • Socks 19

Miscellaneous 329

If you are not aware of this Hansa Market, then i may guide you to create an account on it. And I’ll tell you the possibility to buy an item from this marketplace.

Steps to Create a Hansa Market Account

  • Step over to Hansa Market sign up page.
  • Make sure you have given a unique username and password in it.
  • Then answer the security questions and tap enter.
  • Configure your Hansa account.
  • Now, login to your account,
  • Enter your account information and tap save.
  • You are now logged into your Hansa Market account.

Setup a PGP Key on your Hansa Market URL

  • On your account, go to Dashboard.
  • Then set up your public PGP key so that the vendors can communicate with your personally.
  • Click PGP and paste your key. Then Tap “Save” button.
  • Now, it may ask you for confirmation with this private PGP key for communication.
  • Then, decrypt the message with your private key and paste it into the required field to complete the process.
  • It is been set and it is ready to use.

Set up your wallet

Hansa Market has a special feature called “Multi-signature address”.

  • Open Multi-signature page.
  • Then click “Add a new wallet”.
  • Now, go back to your Electrum wallet and select address. Right click and select “Public Keys”.
  • Copy and paste your Publick Key into “Public Key of Bitcoin address” field.
  • Finally, name your wallet and hit save button.
  • Now, go back to the electrum wallet and copy your private key address.
  • The wallet will ask you a password for security reason. Enter it and copy your private key.
  • Go back to Hansa Market and copy the Bitcoin transaction.
  • We don’t use Electrum wallet despite we use Coinb.in for a multi-signature transaction.
  • Paste your Private Key and hit submit button.
  • Now, copy the signed transaction from Coinb.in and paste it on the “Signed transaction” in Hansa Marketplace. Then click submit button.
  • You can also add additional security feature to your account by activating 2FA in settings option.

Buy any product or drugs from the above mentioned categories and sub-categories in Hansa Market.

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Hansa Market Lottery


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  1. Canada? Looking for Arms AR15 5.56, 7.62 300 Ammo too

  2. In Canada, need to find ways to get Arms, AR15, 5.56,7.62,300 Blackout. It says I can’t from here, this site. Was wondering if there’s another?

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