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Wednesday, June 28th, 2017
The Drug Market is an easily accessible site on the darknet. Although I have never brought fro this site or from any site MR. FBI but they do have pretty good reviews on them.

As of writing this here are the categories of various drugs  and stimulants that they have.

Cannabis 579

  • Concentrates 44
  • Edibles 26
  • Hash 172
  • Pre-rolled 4
  • Seeds 19
  • Synthetic 162
  • Topicals 1
  • Trim 2
  • Weed 149

Dissociatives 53

  • Dioscorea 1
  • ketamine 31
  • MXE 20
  • PCP 1

Ecstasy 325

  • 5-MAPB 1
  • Butylone 8
  • Ethylone 3
  • MDA 5
  • MDAI 8
  • MDMA 157
  • Methylone 22
  • MPA 7
  • Pills 114



Opioids 83

  • AH-7921 8
  • Heroin 42
  • Kratom 6
  • Opium 27

Prescription 253

  • Analgesics 191
  • General health 38
  • Relaxants 24

Psychedelics 467

  • 2C-Family 61
  • 4-ACO-Family 26
  • 4-HO-Family 6
  • 5-MeO-Family 24
  • AMT 3
  • Bufotenin 1
  • DMT 40
  • LSD 179
  • LSZ 5
  • NBOMe 105
  • Salvia 17

Steroids/PEDs 245

  • Anabolic Steroids 143
  • Antagonists 4
  • Aromatase inhibitors 10
  • Clenbuterol 7
  • Drostanolone 22
  • Fluoxymesterone 2
  • HCG 6
  • Human Growth Hormones 10
  • Mesterelone 10
  • Metabolism 3
  • Methandrostenolone 21
  • Stanozolol 7


Stimulants 298

  • 4-EMC 8
  • 4-MEC 13
  • 5-APB 16
  • A-PVP 40
  • Benzedrine 1
  • Caffeine 1
  • Cocaine 136
  • Ephedrine 2
  • Ethylphenidate 8
  • MDPPP 7
  • MDPV 12
  • Mephedrone 9
  • Methamphetamine 27
  • Pentedrone 18

Below are screenshots that I took from the website

Here is the link





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