.Onion Site: Dream Market (Darknet Website)


Warning about Dream IMPORTANT

Before getting started, set a VPN and open your Tor browser. Copy and paste http://lchudifyeqm4ldjj.onion/ this link on Tor and press Enter. Now, you will be taken to the .onion domain which can be accessed only Tor browser.

It is simple and easy to register with Dream Market (Dream Market Link). It is a straightforward process. To complete the process, you need to pay attention for a couple of things. Here are the few.

  • Type a unique username which hasn’t used so far along with the strong password.
  • Then type your PIN. It is used for bitcoin withdrawal process.
  • Enter the captcha to complete your registration.

Setup your Account

Now, you need to set your PGP Key on your profile account. Go to profile settings and enter the key before making a purchase on the Dream Market drugs. This key is commonly used for communication purpose (i.e. with your vendors).

Browse Dream Market 

You can now browser Dream Market URL in a very straightforward manner. It has stunning UI design which makes you feel comfort. Choose your category for a specified search on the marketplace. Search for the item vendor by entering your keyword into the search box. Choose a filter and tap to search anything on Dream Market drugs. Go to dream market forum and see the dream market review. For more, go to Dream market link to get more info about dream market drugs. Also, check out Dream Market Reddit and Dream Market down.

Check the Vendor

After searching, if you are willing to buy a product from Dream Market, then make sure that the vendor is trustworthy or not. To check them, click on their username and see the reviews about the vendor. The reviews are given by their previous customers along with the ratings. You can view their PGP key on their profile.

Make your Order

If you are satisfied with the specified vendor by viewing their ratings and trust flow, then make an order. You can order an item from Dream Market by depositing your bitcoins on your wallet.

After depositing, you can make sure by checking with your profile. Enter the number of an item that you need to purchase from the vendor and click “Buy”. This will take you to the newer window where you will fill the form and address. Then give your valid shipping address and click “Order Now”.

Finalize your product for releasing the bitcoin from escrow to the vendor. After buying it, rate your vendor for their goods and service.

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Dream Market Forum

Seller’s Guide

Before you Visit! Set Up a Good VPN Service

A good VPN (Virtual Private Network) service is known for its privacy on the market. It uses unique IP address for each time you request your computer. It won’t reveal your actual IP address of your computer instead it uses different IP address. You don’t get traced by anyone on the internet if you are using a good VPN service. VPN actually hides your location and encrypts the data from your internet service provider. By using this technology, you will be protected from identity theft and hacking. Mask your IP address by getting a good VPN service. Now I tested a few VPN services and they are all generally pretty goo but I find the Pure VPN is better because of their low prices and and their reliability which I use here. or you can click the link below


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