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Warning (NSFW)

Now, here it is time to talk about Dark Scandals, I am not going to link it because I dont want the FBI after me and taking this whole site down and plus you do not want to go there anyway. Dark Scandals is a website where users can post their nude photos or videos of women and men whom they black mailed or raped.

Now, I dont know if it’s a Honeypot because I remember stumbling apon this website 3 years ago and the main page still looks the same with the same girl featured on the top of their main page.

Anyway, The website is pretty fucked up because, well its videos of women & men getting raped, and even worse is that in their previews you can see them crying and it just plain sad 🙁 which makes me sad :'(.

Dark Scandals is a “membership only” website and the only way to be a member is to post original content of YOUR blackmailed or Real Rape videos that YOU did. They have that so they can make sure that you are not a cop or just as fucked up as they are.

Also, so they can sell it on their website and make “bundles” for their members. Then again Dark Scandals could possibly be hosted by the FBJews and use the blackmail or rape videos to incriminate you which is pretty funny and you should go to jail. But As always, I will put the screenshots below so you dont have to go there yourself. But if you do use a VPN!!!

Oh and if you have any cool onion links pls email them here and i’ll check it out! pls NO CP!!

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Dark Scandal Pack 7

Dark Scandals page (Censored)

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