Future Funk Review: I´ll Get Over You by 385North

Tuesday, February 5th, 2019 by Creator of Agora Road

Album: I´ll Get Over You

Artist: 385North

You need to Think nothing and Feel everything. That is exactly how you should listen to this album. This album plays a relaxing 80s electronic vibe that really feeling like porn to your ears.

However, I do have some criticism such as, the track “I’ll Get over you” could have been better because I felt like there are too many hard stops that breaks the rhythm of the song. When he says “I’ll get over youuu” and then it just stops and reverts back is annoying.

Other than that it is a good album.

My favorite track is “Strange Feelings…..And A Tiger” I’m always a fan of those ambient and nighttime music. This makes me feel like there’s an ending to life Me vs the Tiger. Only one of us will win…

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One comment on “Future Funk Review: I´ll Get Over You by 385North

  1. 385North says:

    This is the first Time someone made a Review about one of my albums! Very cool!
    Glad you like it 🙂

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