Future Funk Review: Mélonade (2019 Edition) by Mélonade

Monday, May 27th, 2019

Album: Mélonade (2019 Edition)

Artist: Mélonade (Features Pop Up!, Kujo, Binary Stars, and Otoyo.)

Mélonade (2019 Edition) by Mélonade is a very popular Future Funk album released by Business Casual record Label on May 3rd 2019. It has energetic summer vibes and takes you on a journey to a funky trancelike dance off. This album has a certain charm that just screams summer Kool Aid.

We have a lot of tracks in this album that loops the lyrics and fades in the tunes from the background to the foreground. This is a album that you will want to listen to this summer while you are on vacation to the sunshine city of Los Angeles or an a beach city cookout. But make sure to have your dance shoes on because you will not be able to help your self but dance your butt off! Mélonade has done it again and masterfully mixed this album together with the utmost precision in the future funk industry but with help of featured artists like Pop Up!, Kujo, Binary Stars, and Otoyo.


I will add that my favorite track is Dreams We Share (Mere Remix)


Dreams We Share (Mere Remix) – This is not as fast as the others but this remix has a more distinct sound than the others. This one has loops and funky tunes as well but the intro is what really got me hooked on this track. The electronic piano in place with the looped lyrics is blended perfectly for me. This track really empathizes the electronica in the track.

Hear are what Mélonade’s fans are saying!!

H — T — N — A test press gang gang 🤘😎🤘 now it’s a shame that 2 of the tracks from the original were omitted from this release, specifically ‘on my mind’ as I really like that track 🙁 but to make up for it, we have 2 new tracks and 2 remixes too. I really love this album and I’m so glad it’s coming to vinyl. Favorite track: Feeling Like (Feat. Pop Up!).

meaka It feels soooooo summer!!!!!!Favorite track: Take It To The Top.

Kmoxy My man, you’re so good at this! La La Groove sounds juiced up and the mere remix is really good. You’re styles mix great. Favorite track: La La Groove.

Métropolita This album is great, Its groovy loops and sample choices are a joy to listen to I’m so happy I picked up on cassette after all this time.Favorite track: Dreams We Share.

Kid Helios THE LEGEND IS BACK!!!!!!!😆 Favorite track: Dreams We Share.

physys In under 10 seconds I knew I was going to love this album. I was not wrong.

Mélonade’s Social Media

BIZC205SE / Æ2002 
2018 / 2019 – Mélonade 

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