Future Funk Review: Lap of Luxury by Wolf and Raven

When I first pressed play on Bandcamp I instantly knew that this album was worth taking the time to listen too. This album is the epitome of Future Funk. The track Lights, Camera, Fashion!  got some fast moving groovy beats and cant help but to dance your socks off!

Also track Martini Magic has a feeling of late night show tunes. You will be immersed by the calm and beach like sounds. You will feel like you just got home from a night out of partying and just want to relax in your summer beach home. Party at Bernie’s has some flutes that I havent heard in a Future Funk track before.

The intro is awesome of Party at Bernie’s . I recommend that you put this album on a listening todo list.

This is the artists descriptionOur special blend of jazz future funk with city pop elements created together to help transport listeners to some extravagant luxuries of life. Be the rich business mogul or that gorgeous supermodel. Business, fashion, and romance.. Whatever your heart desires. Enjoy being in the Lap of Luxury!”

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