Ultimate Guide to Getting WaReZ on the Internet

Saturday, May 20th, 2017
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Subject: Ultimate Guide to Getting WaReZ on the Internet

Warez sites are a very poor source of warez for the majority of the links don’t work or are linked to FTPs that are constantly full/busy. Also many warez sites are highly infested with demos and legally free software. Probably due to ripping from other warez sites that are also infested with demos and/or the webmaster trying to ‘puff up’ his warez list by putting demo/shareware links that are easily confused as warez.

Warez sites is the most friendly, eye appealing way to get warez though. I’ve seen a major improvement as far as finding and getting warez on the web, but it is on the downfall right now as many of the good sites are getting shut down.

My three favorite warez sites:




Watch out for the porno ads.

Warez sites get A LOT OF HITS and have much potential to make money from advertisers.

However, except for NetRadio, the people who are willing to pay for advertising on a warez site are Porno sites and Porno site hacking sites. Other people who advertise on warez sites are high risk credit card companies, credit search services, and astrology/psychic services. ***********************************************************************

Another way to find warez is through usenet newsgroups. It’s not a great way to get warez directly. It is mostly advertisements of warez sites, warez ftp sites, trades, and site-lists. Most ‘sign up for this.. sign up for that..’ usually come out dry. Some of the alt.binaries…. groups have a shitload of warez posted directly on the newsgroups, however. ***********************************************************************

Warez can also be obtained by trading.; EfNet is the best IRC network for Warez. Just do a /list warez and it will find all the channels that have the word ‘warez’ in it’s name.

Most of these non-hidden channels are predominantly trading/advertising channels. You will find many trade offers and ads to FTP sites and FServes (Mirc Hosted IRC-DCC-FTP), most of which are ratioed and slow. Undernet is the 2nd best IRC network for warez. ***********************************************************************

A good source of warez are reliable, fairly fast ratio FTPs. They have an excellent selection of warez due to the fact that you have to upload warez to download warez. The diligence and skill of the FTP owner has a significant amount of impact on the quality of the FTP site’s warez contents.

For a FTP with a bad sysadmin sound have a lot of demos and betas from cheaters and/or a lower selection of warez due to hackers bypassing the ratio enforcement. You can also get a lot of good warez by finding reliable 0-day warez FTP sites that are not horribly slow. ***********************************************************************

Another good source of warez is DCC/XDCC from warez offering bots on IRC.

2 good channels on EfNet are #exceed and #warezwarez. A line of a listing: #13 14x[30.7M] Ultima Underworld I & II *FULL* CD |Bot Name |List|# |size |Name of warez software | # d/l Command format to request warez from an offering bot: /msg [bot’s name] xdcc send#

[List #] Examples: #11 9x[11.5M] Ultima 8: Pagan #2 51x [4.3M] eudora 3.02 final [07.03.97] #3 21x [4.3M] Eudora Pro 3.02 FULL #13 14x[30.7M] Ultima Underworld I & II *FULL* CD 1st: /msg MIND-DCCZ xdcc send #11 2nd: /msg DMC-DCC99 xdcc send #2 3rd: /msg ABS-DCC68 xdcc send #3 4th: /msg MIND-DCCZ xdcc send #13

Most bots require a minimum download speed of 30kbps, which is very difficult to obtain on DCC with a non-X2 modem. It is possible with 33.6, but not very probable at all. the best channel that I know of for getting warez from bots is #exceed of EfNet.

Another problem is that the bots have a limit of # of concurrent downloaders and many also limit the size of the ‘waiting room’ queue. With some bots, you’ll be waiting in the queu for 2 hours before being able to download…if there’s even room in the queu. You will also find many ads from warez groups recruitments on this channel (Got to look for them for the bots are constantly filling up the channel window with the list of the warez they are offering). ***********************************************************************

The best source of warez, and the highest level of illegality is joining a warez group and earning full membership status. You will most likely get access to the groups private FTP/Distribution Sites, or at least be able to grab a copy of the warez that you are currying. If you have a fast server with a fast connection, sign up as a site-op and prepare for a massive flood of warez if the group gives your site a lot of courrier traffic. ***********************************************************************

Before you Visit an Onion Site! Set Up a Good VPN Service

A good VPN (Virtual Private Network) service is known for its privacy on the market. It uses unique IP address for each time you request your computer. It won’t reveal your actual IP address of your computer instead it uses different IP address. You don’t get traced by anyone on the internet if you are using a good VPN service. VPN actually hides your location and encrypts the data from your internet service provider. By using this technology, you will be protected from identity theft and hacking. Mask your IP address by getting a good VPN service.

Now I tested a few VPN services and they are all generally pretty goo but I find the Pure VPN and NordVPN is better because of their low prices and and their reliability which I use here. and here, or you can click the link below


Best VPN

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