Ultimate Guide to Getting a New Identity

Friday, December 1st, 2017

Table of Contents
  1.1  The counterfeit-forgery method for getting birth certificates
  3.0  The infant death method of getting a birth certificate
  7.3  Getting a fake drivers license
  8.4  Ancillary Documentation
  9.6  Social Security Cards
 12.6  Applying for a Social Security Card
 22.9  Mail Drops 
 24.2  Closing

The corner stone of all identity is the birth certificate. It is the most widely accepted form of ID in the US. Birth certificates are as varied as the people who posses them. They have no photographs, and rarely finger or footprints.

The only really consistent aspect is that they are invariably signed by a doctor or hospital administrator.

Two Ways Of Getting One

There are two ways commonly used to get a birth certificate under another name. One is the counterfeit-forgery method, the other is the infant-death method.

1.1 Counterfeit-Forgery Method (short-term)

The counterfeit-forgery method can be used to obtain all valid info except for a passport.

This method is simple, effective, and takes little time. Forging a birth certificate involves taking a valid document and altering the info within its four corners. One easy and effective method for obtaining blank birth certificates is to purchase them as hospitals often do, from a document supply company.

This can either be done by telephone or in person, but you must establish yourself as a legit purchaser, as every supplier has a different sales policy.

For example if I were to call a supplier, I might identify myself as the administrator of Acme Hospital looking for a new supplier of forms. I could then request a copy of their catalogues of birth certificates, or certificates of live birth.

Once received orders can be placed directly. An alternate and much preferred method of obtaining blank birth certificate blanks is to alter the existing birth certificate.

This includes getting a printer to reproduce a real birth certificate, excluding and of the type-written birth data on it. In other words a printer creates a blank birth certificate from an actual legal original.

Most printers in a larger city will do this without thinking twice. However in some circumstances a printer would hesitate in taking on this job even if you were paying in cash.

When they remove the data on the birth certificate, you can tell them to leave the doctors signature if you want, or have it remove and fill it in later. It is also very important to age your birth certificate.

You can do this by creasing it, and leaving it in the sun. Of you could soak it in tea until an old appearance is obtained. Certifying it yourself is simple. It involves a stamp, an embossing, or both.

Most printers who make stamps and round embossers will make what you need. Have a printer make an official looking certified stamp, with a blank line below the word “certified” so that a signature, allegedly a clerk, can be filled in.

3.0 The Infant Death Method (long term)

The infant death method involves taking on the identity of someone who actually lived and died. By taking on the identity of someone who died young, no records, other than birth and death certificates exist.

Second, a passport can be obtained, because when the certificate is checked out it reveals an actual existing person, and there is a record of the birth certificate in the appropriate local agency office. Third it is the most complete long term method of obtaining a fake ID. The basic concept is simple.

It involves finding someone who was born at the approximate same time as you, who had the misfortune of dying at a young enough age so that no records exist as far as school, drivers license, credit cards, and the like.

First you must find the person you wish to become. Be honest about how old you are and how old you look.

Then you must go around finding the decedent. You can do this by actually searching through graveyards, or by going to your local library and reviewing old obituaries, usually found on microfiche or microfilm.

  • Where They Were Born

Almost all death certificates show where that person was born. Anyone can order a death certificate over the phone, from the Bureau of Vital Statistics, Hall of Records or the like.

  • Was the Child Born in Another County or State??

The ideal situation is for the child to be born in one state and die in another. If this ideal situation is not available, being born in one county and dying in another will work.

The reason your child must have been born in one area and die in another, is to avoid someone finding out that your taking on that persons identity.

Many counties cross reference their birth and death records. That is why you must make sure that your county does not cross reference.

For example, to apply for a valid US passport it is generally necessary to provide a birth certificate. If, upon checking out the assumed name, the clerk finds out that this person is dead, you will be finding federal agents at your door.

However if the person came from a county where cross referencing does not exist then the clerk will find only a valid birth certificate and your passport request will be honored.

So you MUST make sure that your 2 counties do not cross reference. To the best of my knowledge, no states, at the time of writing, cross reference, nor does the federal government.

Applying for a New Birth Certificate

You should call the office in question and only then should you fill out an application. Normally a request form will be involved, so be prepared to substantiate your identity with a business card or some other form of ID, so that your request will be honored without question.

There are unlimited reasons for requesting, certified copies of birth certificates, and once again, its time to use your imagination.

A family member might be requesting for a out of states family member, or for the local genealogist researching your family tree; an insurance agent may be working on a fraud case; a county health examiner may be researching files, a priest may be doing a favor for an out-of-state parishioner (people never question priests).

Once you have obtained a birth certificate, getting other forms of ID is comically simple.

7.3 Getting a Drivers License

This is possibly the easiest thing to do. Just take your birth certificate that you made, and take your test.

You might be asked for a social security number, so be prepared. If for some reason you cannot get a birth certificate another commonly accepted form of ID is a baptism certificate, all filled in with fancy lettering and an expensive looking folder.

Fortunately for you this can be bought at any religious supply store. That’s how easy it is to get a drivers license.

8.4 Ancillary Documentation

These are photos, business cards, library cards, return if lost cards, membership cards, social security cards, insurance cards, medical emergency card.

Say you get stopped by a cop for speeding, and of course he wants to see your drivers license.

No problem, but it may seem very odd that you are carrying nothing else in you wallet. As trivial a these may seem they are the first give away that you aren’t who you say you are.

9.6 Social Security Cards

There will be asked for a lot, why because it is an easy way for individuals and the government to keep up with you.

  • To Get One

There are two major ways to get one. One is to adopt someone else’s, the other is to personally, or through a surrogate, apply for a card number under another name. I

f you intend to make up a number you must realize the purpose of the digital sequence used by the Social Security Administration.

The first three digits correspond to the state in which the card was applied for. And for this reason I am including a chart so you cam make sure the digits in your fake ID match those of the states where you allegedly applied.

Of much less importance, but still something to consider, is the middle two digits.

They tell the approx. year of issue. An odd number between 05 and 09 was probably used in the late 1930’s, and an even number from 10 on up was probably used after that.

About 15 years ago, previously unused sequences of even numbers between 02 and 08 began to be used.

But the easiest way to get one right is to look on your own birth certificate. The final set of four numbers can be utilized with out any worry, because this set is meaningless, determined by the particular sequence at the office you signed up at and is virtually unverifiable.

If you want a card with the name and number of your choice on it there are firms who, for a small fee, will print a Social Security type card, with your chosen name and number. A company that I have often used is:

Dynamic Press
        256 South Robertson Blvd.
        Beverly Hills, CA. 90211 

This is one of the few trust-worthy companies that puts out a good consistent product. All you have to do is provide them with a self-addressed envelope and $5.

They very quickly return a very professional looking card to you. You can successfully work as an independent contractor, or for a short period of time, an employee of any job with a false Social Security number.

But, working for extended periods of time (about 60 days) can lead to minor problems with the FBI.

Applying For a New Social Security Card Just go to your local Social Security office and apply for one.

If the evidence you give them looks good you will be issued one. Social Security does not perform background checks to see if the info is valid.

Here is the list of the first three digits of a Social Security 
     card by state.

001-003  New Hampshire
004-007  Maine
008-009  Vermont
010-034  Massachusetts
035-039  Rhode Island
040-049  Connecticut
050-134  New York
135-158  New Jersey
159-211  Pennsylvania
212-220  Maryland
221-222  Delaware
223-231  Virginia
232-236  W. Virginia
237-246  N. Carolina
247-251  S. Carolina
252-260  Georgia
261-267  Florida
268-302  Ohio
303-317  Indiana
318-361  Illinois
362-386  Michigan
387-399  Wisconsin
400-407  Kentucky
408-415  Tennessee
416-424  Alabama
429-432  Arkansas
433-439  Louisiana
440-448  Oklahoma
449-467  Texas
468-477  Minnesota
475-485  Iowa
486-500  Missouri
501-502  N. Dakota
503-504  S. Dakota
505-508  Nebraska
509-515  Kansas
516-517  Montana
518-519  Idaho
520         Wyoming
521-524  Colorado
525&585  New Mexico
526-527  Arizona
528-529  Utah
530          Nevada
531-539  Washington
540-544  Oregon
545-573  California
574          Alaska
575-576  Hawaii
577-579  Washington DC.
    &587  Mississippi

The United States Citizen Method

As can be determined by the info sheet put out by the Social Security Administration for applying for an original number, there are different kinds of identifying data that you will need to bring with you when applying.

Category (1) is for US citizens “born in the US”.

I think the US citizen category is the easiest to apply for. By using the info in this file, it should be obvious that anyone can prove they are a US citizen even if they are not.

Most citizens of this country apply for their cards between the ages of fifteen and twenty. This is about the time most teens are seeking their first jobs and need a card for that purpose. If you are over eighteen when you apply you must do so in person. T

hose under 18 can apply through the mail.

A minimum of two identifying documents are needed. Always realize that the clerk will be asking why you want one if you are considerably over the age of twenty. Age is important only when applying.

After that, you have a card and a number and no further age reference is made, not on the card, or with the Social Security Administration.

There are no check-ups to worry about. In other words if you are actually thirty-five and your application lists you as twenty, no private party will have access to that file, nor will the Social Security Administration have reason to believe that you are not the age listed on your application. If you are under eighteen then take up their offer, and apply through mail.

You must prepare an “A” document and a “B” document. The “A” document is your birth certificate, the “B” document is something such as, school report cards, school ID cards, hospital or doctors records, Boy or Girl Scout ID, stuff like that.

Again, go to your local printer and have these documents altered. Then write a letter on a piece of notebook paper telling them that your parents are making you get a part time job, and the employer wants a Social Security card, since you do not the job is somewhat in jeopardy.

An alternate method that usually works is the surrogate method.

Just hire a teenager to go do it for you and you avoid the delay of the mail, since there are no photos on the card, there is nothing to worry about.

The Alien Method

To obtain a Social Security card as an alien, all you need is a green card. These are easier for your printer to reproduce than your birth certificate. When you apply for a Social Security card, remember the worst that can happen is that you get turned down.

22.9 Mail Drops

The mail drop or PO Box can make it difficult if not impossible for people to find out where you really live or work.

There are countless reasons for a mail drop. My favorite is you can order stuff to it with a fake CC# and have it delivered to your mail drop, where you can either pick it up, or have it forwarded to your real address.

Establishing a Mail Drop

The first step in successfully establishing a mail drop is to pick the most prestigious part of town. This is particularly important if you are applying for a credit card.

Most mail drops have a forwarding service so that it will be repackaged, restamped and sent to either your house or to another forwarding mail drop, thus making it virtually untraceable, because of the time and money that would have to be spent to do so.

24.2 Closing Well

Folks here is another wonderful file brought to you by the crew from (508) Seggregansett, MA and CAFBL.

Any questions I can be reached on The Hacker Crackdown; (215) Not-4You, If You can’t get access to reach my ass there {In which case you should not even have your greedy, leeching, cum-stained hands on this file}

I can be reached on Prodigy. Look under Seggregansett, MA, I am the only member there. Next file will have something to do with TelCo.

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